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The Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment (#QMA) is a pioneering drug-free, non-invasive, holistic  assessment method for evaluating pain. QMA pain assessment technique can also provide strategic action plan to bring back health and vitality.


It combines Karmic Quantum understanding along with understanding of mind-body complex and provides an analysis of the root cause of pain.

Quantum Science of Karma holds answers where we recognize that our individual and collective actions have consequences. At DNA level they can activate parts of us that can cause pain and stress as a cueing system that is trying to guide us.


Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Technique for pain assessment addresses this complex yet profound reasoning by understanding issues that may feel beyond our linear understanding.

With Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment, the insights of Quantum field also known as Akashic Records  explores intricate nature of karma and its far-reaching consequences.


QMA method of pain assessment tries to connect the dots by investigating causes of pain by taking guidance from body's own cueing system. 

Prajakta's unique background as a Physical Therapist, Manual Therapist, Sound Therapist, and Akashic Record Reader has led to the development of a new pain assessment method. Through her meditative practice, she has created a holistic approach to pain management that considers the mind, body, and Karmic complex.

Our bodies may experience pain, disease, or stress when we are out of alignment. These symptoms can serve as a guide, helping us to identify what needs to be corrected through positive actions that benefit both ourselves and the collective. 

How does Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment (QMA) works?


QMA is built on the power of client's Akashic Records, also known as Quantum Fields. By tapping into this incredible source of information, client's themselves can visualize the root causes of their pain and suffering. 

Effective change requires a clear understanding of priorities. That's why, QMA focuses on identifying the causes that once resolved will bring the most healing. 

Prajakta, as a QMA developer, will assist client with visualization. Client is completely conscious and will visualize the needed information. Prajakta will give context of the visualize information as needed. Session is recorded for the clarity and review for the client. 


Conditions Addressed:

This visualization technique addresses all the conditions that gives us pain and stress.


It is highly recommended seeking regular treatment first as once one knows what is the cause of the pain, client would be responsible to take guided action steps. 


Pain, stress and suffering may intensify in those who do not try to correct their behavioral and lifestyle patterns.

This Multisystemic Approach addresses misalignments that client may have towards oneself, others and towards world at large. These systems revolve around one's Virtues, Duties, Rights and Way of Living.

Pain and Stress Can originate in following areas of Mind-Body-Karmic Complex.

Physical Body Complex

Mental Body Complex

Emotional Body Complex

Relationship with self 

Relationship with Family and Friends 

Relationship with Nature 

Relationship with world at large 

Lifestyle Habits

Work Related Ethics 

Past lives Karmic Misalignments

Present life Karmic Misalignment

Interconnections and interdependence between All

Discipline and Responsibility of our own actions towards self, others and world at large is the foundation of this pain and stress assessment technique.

If you are struggling to find what is the source of pain, stress and lack of vitality in your life  and have exhausted all the resources and yet have not found the the root cause of the problem, Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Visualization Technique is right for you. 

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