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Welcome to Leverage Soul and Sound

 I am Prajakta Joshi( Praj), Akashic Record reader, Spiritual Guide, Sound Therapy Holistic Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner and Transformative Coach. 

There are two main areas that I focus my expertise on!

1. Healing my clients energetically by introducing vitality and purpose so that they can make Soul-conscious choices.


I take leverage of Sound Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing  and myofascial release therapy to achieve this outcome. 

2. I use my expertise as Akashic Record reader to make my clients understand their Karmic Path and it's misalignments. This brings tremendous pure potential and vital force availability to their disposal as they understand correct path forward while correcting misalignments.


I combine energy healing and Akashic Record wisdom to hold a safe space for you where you heal, restore and renew yourself.  Aim of Leverage Soul and Sound is to provide you a peaceful and positively transformative experience.


I am expert at giving you soul conscious guidance as each session is unique and is customized specifically to you and your needs. 

You may also want to bring results quickly and efficiently. I have helped so many clients to get exactly that.


I combine and use following modalities to achieve results. 

1. Akashic Record Reading

2. Sound Therapy

3. Craniosacral Therapy

4. Reiki Energy Healing

5. Myofascial Release

6. Chakra Balancing

7. Essential Oil Symphony of the cells application

Please go to "Conditions Addressed" page to see if my services are right fit for you. 

If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate and fill out the "Reach Out Form".

I will get back to you. 

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To know more about me and my journey, click on About Me Page. 


Relax, restore and rejuvenate with energy healing sessions !

Resolve your Karmic Blocks and live a self-empowered life with Akashic Record Sessions! 

With Akashic Record reading, you will be connected to your soul-consciousness. With this reading, You will uncover your fears and blocks. You will gain clarity and understanding. With releasing blocks and restoring your original self, you will gain deeper perspective into your personal powers and opportunities.  


Sound Spa Session

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 Sound Spa session combines Sound Therapy, Energy Healing( Reiki), Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy to give clients complete rejuvenating experience! This session is in-person session. (Online option is also available)


Sound Spa Session Benefits :

1. Deeper relaxation

2. Mind-Body- Spirit Harmony

3. Energetic Revival

4. Deep spiritual connection

5. Equanimity /deeper meditative state

6. Restoration of youthful vigor

7. Clarity 

 To know some of the other benefits for mental and emotional 

wellbeing, visit Conditions Addressed page. 

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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle, non-invasive bodywork that relieves compression in the bones of head, sacrum and the spinal column. This therapy normalizes cerebrospinal fluid flow and remove "blockages" to enhance bodies ability to heal. 


Chakra Balancing

This energy healing session will focus on balancing your 7 Chakras. Chakras  are energetic wheels/energy centers in your body. They provide subtle energy that helps wellbeing of your mind, body ,emotions and your spiritual connection. 

Sound Therapy, craniosacral therapy, essential oils will be used to balance chakras. Homework will be given according to findings/analysis of the blockages during the session. 


Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record reading is a self transformative modality where we start aligning ourself with our higher self by taking correct soul aligned steps.

With this reading, one develops deeper understanding of actions that we take and the ones we have taken in our pasts. We also understand consequences of those actions we faced and life lessons behind them.  


We develop soul level consciousness. An inner quest develops to improve ourselves karmically which leads to a beautiful soulful journey that is positive, loving and powerful.


We become king of our minds and our lives. A soul conscious life makes us better person who is kinder to self and others. Focused intensions leads a life with purpose. 

I offer three Akashic Record Reading sessions..

( * All Akashic Record readings are online readings. Therefore, you can book them from any part of the world).  

1. Soul Profile Reading: You can understand yourself at soul level with " Soul Profile Reading". You will understand your soul level strengths and specializations. You will also understand what actions will lead to misalignments.

2: Situational Analysis Reading: This is the reading to opt for if you are facing any particular life problem that you want to resolve. This reading will address root cause/"karmic " cause. It will also bring clarity towards action steps we can take to resolve the issue and/or learn life lesson.

Regardless of the difficulty we are facing, a soul conscious understanding will lead to conscious journey to create correct Karmic patterns.

3: Energy Dynamic Mastery: This is a wonderful reading that will give 2-3 ways we can improve vitality in our lives. This is a perfect reading for those who want to spiritually grow and would love strive to live a uplifting life. This reading will involve doing homework by avoiding non-serving action patterns and focusing on different soul strengths and soul powers which will strengthen us and make us more powerful, focus and resilient to any life challenges. This is a perfect recurring reading that one can take on month to month basis if they are spiritual warriors and want to focus and perfect their Karma. 

4: Soul Realignment: This session is combination of Soul Profile reading + Situational Analysis Reading + Energy Dynamic Mastery reading

Rock Balancing

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