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Find the Root Cause of your Pain and Stress with
Quantum Multi Disciplinary Alignment Visualization Meditation

At Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment (#QMA)clinic for natural pain assessment, I believe that true alignment of the self is the key to unlocking a fulfilling and peaceful life.


Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment meditation approach combines the latest in science and spirituality to help you achieve a state of balance and harmony in all aspects of your being.


This visualization meditation techniques will help you access the power of your own body and  mind to better understand and overcome the challenges you face in your personal health, your relationship health and your professional life.


Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment is a non-invasive holistic pain and stress assessment technique used for understanding root cause of the pain and suffering.


This visualization technique offers visualize guidance given by your own Mind-Body-Consciousness complex as our inner essence knows how to heal itself.


Client sees the root cause of pain and suffering in this meditation along with cues to resolve it by prioritization method of most needed first followed by  other ways that will assist the process. 


Pain resolves by taking actions guided by our own body-mind-conscious living complex. 

This is a holistic pain and stress Assessment technique and not a pain relief technique as pain, stress and feelings of dissatisfaction will not resolve until we take conscious steps towards given cues by our own mind-body-consciousness self. 

The best way to know if one is on correct path of pain management or not is by immediate relief or decreased pain intensity as we follow guidelines shown to us during meditation by our own mind-body-consciousness complex.

I as a holistic practitioner will put you in a gentle meditative state where you are completely conscious and you as a client will see during the session steps that are required to resolve pain and suffering. We will record the session for clarity and review for you. 


Conditions Addressed:

This visualization technique addresses all conditions that gives us pain and stress especially those that you haven't found solution by regular treatment method or regular treatment has failed to give you peace and vitality along with addressing the root cause.


I would highly recommend seeking regular treatment first as once you know what is the cause of the pain, you as a client or as a parent of a child would be responsible to take actions to resolve it.


Pain may intensify in those who do not try to correct their behavioral and lifestyle pattern along with other recommended steps by their mind-body-conscious self.

To take actions given by our body cues or not is up to client. 

Quantum Multi Disciplinary Alignment is not a treatment but rather assessment method and will not resolve pain or stress in itself.

This Multisystemic Approach generally addresses following  systems and Karmic issues related to those.

Physical Body issues

Mind Body ( Mental and Emotional) issues

Relationship with self issues

Relationship with Family and Friends issues

Relationship with Nature issues

Relationship with world at large issues

Lifestyle issues

Work Related issues

Past lives Karmic issues

Present life Karmic issues

Discipline and Responsibility of our own actions towards self, others and world at large is the foundation of this pain and stress assessment technique.

If you are struggling to find what is the source of pain, stress and lack of vitality in your life  and have exhausted all the resources to find the root cause of the problem, Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Visualization Technique may be right for you. 

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