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Karma is a Law as well as Mathematical balance sheet. It calculates what needs to be done as a Fair Judge to change course of humanity towards Unity Consciousness.  


Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment  belongs to Akashic Guides who have balance sheets of Human Behavior and Disease Records.  

Humans will experience diseases that are known or unknown to me with some or no relief from medication. 


I will be able to give knowledge that I know from planetary perspective and context regarding soul, Atman, science, analysis and experience in asking questions as a coach.


However, at the same time, I do need context by experts in the field which may be referred to your skillsets and information one can provide which will be publish as a Blog on the website. 

These Diseases will be associated with Collective Karma that humans have done against plant's Health and Wellbeing. 

Guidance and genetic codes will be revealed for diseases that are caused by incorrect human behavior against humanity. Scientist and specialist who work in these fields will be able to shed more light.  Spiritual teachers and astrologist will be able to connect the dots regarding planetary system. 

Hopefully, US Government and United Nations will be involved in taking care of these issues as a QMA Humanitarian Organization with strong ethical and moral principals. However, in the mean time I would love to help people to become detectives of their own lives if they are suffering and help me by answering questions, sharing experiences and giving me context. And hopefully, together we both, client and therapist will be able to clear client's collective Karma and give answers for their personal life issues that they seek session for only if it is connected with their Collective Karma. However, please do seek regular medical and holistic treatment before booking a Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment session.

All diseases will be associated with wrong Individual, Collective and Humanitarian  Karmic actions that humans have performed at an Individual level, Family level, community level, city level, state level, country level and at world at large that are not driven by ego but by ethics and morality which involve benefit to everyone including Plants and Animals as a priority and next Human generation as a priority. Gratitude and Dignity of ALL is a QMA precept that has to be followed for future advancement in the area of research and as a safety for those who are vulnerable. 

Such Karmic behavior can be performed by one or many.

The effects of these wrong behaviors will be experienced by many or All. 

The Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment is a Truth Seeking technique given by Reiki Masters to heal Collective Karma. It gives us through visualization the needed action steps that must be taken to heal one self and others from collective Karmic diseases such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, MultipleSclerosis, Cancer, Headaches, Itching, eye Pain and other varied medical conditions such as  Eczema.

Allergic conditions and mental health disorders are already working as signals towards huge Karmic responsibility that human behavior and human ego carries towards health and well-being of All.

This Technique is used  for understanding of needed   as a collective to heal ill health. 

Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment Technique is a Corrective Disciplinary Method that works at Quantum level to address Wellbeing of ( in a given Priority) 

A. Plant Health and Wellbeing

B. No Violence against Humanity 

C. Correct Progression of Future Generations by Restoring DNA's Fitness


QMA works on interplanetary level as a disease assessment  as we ( as human behavior)  are responsible as a collective to hurt plant life and health and wellbeing of our own species. 


It also reveals our duty to preserve Akashic field and integrity of our DNA  to allow  continuation and progression of our species.  This will be revealed as a Karmic responsibility that one has to take to heal ourselves and others. 


QMA reveals Quantum reasons of your current disease. One has to fulfill their responsibility towards collective good of all. 


Our DNA allows propagation of species by allowing qualities in us that helps future generations while eliminating those that harm our future generations. Most DNA codes are unknown. However, now through QMA visualization and understanding given by  client's own account "Source" which is energy of "Peace, Purity and Right Wisdom" will  reveal Akashic Records of diseases and it's relation to collective Karma. 

Quantum Science of Karma holds answers where we recognize that our individual and collective actions have consequences. At DNA level they can activate parts of us that can cause pain and stress as a cueing system that is trying to guide us.

Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Technique for pain and disease assessment addresses this  profound reasoning by understanding issues that may feel beyond our current medical system understanding.

Please follow your regular medical and holistic healing path first and when you don't find any answers behind your current pain and disease situation in those pathways then only book A QMA online assessment session.

Reading A QMA Blog to understand how session notes will be published is a must before booking a session.

Reading a QMA Consent Form is a must before booking a session.  

How does Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment (QMA) work?


QMA is built on the power of the client's Akashic Records, also known as Quantum Fields.


By tapping into this incredible source of information, clients themselves can visualize the root causes of their pain and disease.


Effective change requires a clear understanding of priorities.


That's why QMA focuses on identifying the causes that, once resolved, will bring the most healing.


The client is completely conscious and will visualize the needed information. The QMA practitioner  will provide the needed context to the visualized information only as needed. The session is recorded for clarity and review for the client.

Conditions Addressed:


This visualization technique addresses all the conditions that give us pain and disease.


It is highly recommended to seek regular medical and holistic treatment first, as once one knows the Karmic cause of the pain, the client would be responsible for taking guided action steps.


Pain, stress, and disease may intensify in those who do not try to correct their behavioral and lifestyle patterns.


This Multisystemic Approach addresses misalignments that the client may have towards oneself, others, and towards the world at large. These systems revolve around one's Virtues, Duties, and Correct Way of Living.


Pain and disease originate in the Quantum field and if not corrected then seeps to emotional and mental field of consciousness. If this understanding is still ignored then it appears in Physical body as disease state or pain as final red-alert or call for action. 


It shows it effects in following areas of Mind-Body-Karmic Complex: Physical Body Complex, Mental Body Complex, Emotional Body Complex, Relationship with self, Relationship with Family and Friends, Relationship with Nature, Relationship with the world at large, Lifestyle Habits, Work-Related Ethics, Past lives Karmic Misalignments, Present life Karmic Misalignment, Interconnections, and interdependence between All. QMA also acts as a gateway for coded language that can flow through Client's conscious self to help humanity. Please do refer to some of the case study blog posts to understand about how clients can visualize meditation. Client does find cues as per their own context. 

Discipline and Responsibility of our actions towards self, others, and the world at large are the foundation of this pain and disease assessment technique. If you are struggling to find the source of pain, disease, and lack of vitality in your life and have exhausted all resources and yet have not found the root cause of the problem, Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Visualization Technique is right for you.


At the same time, wishing good for others, acting in a way that is benevolent to our children, planet earth, and humanity at large, considering good behavior as our Karmic duty towards ourselves can resolve pain and disease states within us as it makes a wave of what is right for all of us. Therefore, you will encounter #noplastic in my blogs and media used to create and promote Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment as my way of spreading benevolence as this is what came to me as a code from "Source" which is energy or consciousness of Purity, Peace and Correct Wisdom.

Therefore, I will be posting all the information that I receive from my clients as it is (while taking notes and writing their visualizations) without disclosing personal information such as first and last name, etc., to the best of my ability. Please do read the consent form as this condition is a must to accept before participating in this Quantum Multidisciplinary Assessment session. This way my clients create good Collective Karma as well. 

I will also post my own five QMA visualization posts as Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment QMA examples to be just and fair. 


At the same time, feel free to promote blog posts that are similar to your disease states or relevant to others.


Quantum Visualizations are presented by each client's Karmic Quantum conscious self that is through their Akashic Records that the client themselves sees during the session.


The interpretation of what you understand as a reader may differ and may come in alignment with what you may be going through as a reader.


QMA examples and Case Studies are blog posts that are just pointers and appear as notes. Please forgive me for not making them grammatically correct as they should be presented as it is while clients give information to have others freely assess their life memories and conditions.

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