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Understand root cause of pain and stress with

Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment #QMA 

Core Values of  #QMA :

Health, Excellence, Growth, Wisdom, Compassion 

What is QMA?

Our body holds immense potential to heal itself. QMA method of healing is efficient and effective way to heal pain and stress by using body's own healing mechanism. 

QMA is developed by combining different disciplines of Manual Therapy & Sound Therapy. It addresses musculoskeletal pain and stress conditions.


QMA technique is customized and delivered in one-on-one session not only to heal you but also for you to learn your bodies own healing patterns.

Therapeutic Modalities used in QMA:

1. Craniosacral Therapy 
2. Visceral Manipulation
3. Myofascial Release Therapy
4. Sound Therapy

5. Mindfulness Meditation QMA technique

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