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Disclaimer, Policies and Procedures


Consent Form

I understand that Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment ( aka QMA) method of healing provided in this clinic is Wellness Services provided by Leverage Soul and Sound Therapy.


 I also understand that I am signing up for these sessions with my free will and I am completely responsible for all the actions that I will take or not take post sessions. 

I won't hold Prajakta Joshi and any other members of Leverage Soul and Sound responsible for any situations/conditions arises pre, post and during treatment .


I also understand that, QMA is a non-invasive drug free method of healing. 


I understand that the healings provided is not a substitute for medical treatment. I will seek medical care if needed.

I have stated all my known medical condition(s) & take it upon myself to keep the practitioner updated in writing before a therapy session on changes in my physical health.


With that in mind, I agree to fully release and hold harmless Leverage Soul and Sound Therapy LLC and its Practitioner Prajakta Joshi against all claims or liabilities of whatever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with QMA.

Contraindications for Manual Therapy:


2. Recent Trauma/Recent Surgery

3. Fever / Active Bacterial and/or Viral Infections

4. Severe mental or cognitive disorder

5. Active Cancer or any condition where immune system is affected

6. Hemorrhagic conditions

7. Please do follow all Covid related state precautions

8. Not for clients who are Hospice or have debilitating disease that needs significant medical care

9. Precautions for Sound Therapy: Please do let therapist know if there is any mental inside body such as history of joint replacement or any other surgery such as pacemaker  placement

I understand that once I am signing up for a session, it is understood that I have looked at the  Sound Therapy Contraindications ( click on the link below) that I agree I have read and understood before signing up for any of the Leverage Soul and Sound session and I also understand that it is my responsibility to inform therapist any updates and/or changes in my medical/mental/physical status that is in any way relevant for my session. 

Minimum age required is 10 years. 


 I understand that Prajakta choose not work as Physical Therapist and she is completely private pay/out of pocket practitioner. Prajakta does not work with insurances. For Medicare and Medicaid clients please do check with your insurance company. QMA will be provided as a holistic wellness and healing service. 


 Also, I understand that Prajakta is certified practitioner of Myofascial Release ( MFR John F Barnes, PT Technique level 1) , Craniosacral Therapy ( Upledger Institute Level 1) , Visceral Manipulation ( The Barral Institute Level 1), Sound Healing Diploma (from Sound Healing Academy -Specialization in Tuning Forks and multi instrument). 

I understand that I sign up for Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignement ( Aka QMA) method of healing by reading Policy and procedures completely and I always have right to get clarification.


I also Understand that no results are guaranteed.  I am always completely responsible for signing up for her services with my own free will.

Cancellation Policy:

 I understand that a 24-hour cancellation notice prior to my appointment time is needed for all the mentioned services.

I understand that complete payment is due with online booking prior to  all the sessions. 

I also understand that I am responsible for all of the payment.

I understand that it is best for me to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes with layers. A blanket and pillow will be provided.

I understand that I need to eat something before session and stay hydrated.

Avoid drinking too much water so that you don't have to use restroom often.

Session Timing Policy:

I understand that I am participating in a healing and wellness session. Session runs its own course. I understand that Length of Time of the session is approximate.

I understand that as I am signing for sessions I have read and understood all of these policies and procedures correctly.  

Session Recording Policy:

I understand that all QMA sessions are recorded and the complete recording is send it to client. Client can Record session as well in their cellphone.

 However, Leverage Soul and Sound LLC does not guarantee the recording will be 100% audible and since technical issues can arise, there may be defects or damages. I Understand that I cannot make Leverage Soul and Sound LLC  responsible for technical issues.


Also, it is my responsibility to have my online devices such as phone/ facetime/ zoom in complete working condition ( including internet connectivity) and Leverage Soul and Sound is not responsible for encountering issues that arise from the client side.

Language Policy

All clients should be able to have cognitive ability and ability to understand and speak English.

Leverage Soul and Sound Therapy/Prajakta does not differentiate clients in the name of religious or spiritual affiliations, sexual orientation, caste, color of the skin and age.

Leverage Soul and Sound Therapy is a solo practice and I understand as a client that it is not W/C accessible. 

I understand that I will be booking for services that involve Manual Therapy. Manual Therapy involves gently touching clients at different areas of body. I understand this is one of the requirement. Prajakta Always conveys if she closer to private areas and does provide modifications as needed by client and makes sure clients are comfortable. However, I understand that client is responsible for conveying their preferences/phobias if any before start of the session.

I understand that occasionally a client may feel sleepy, relaxed or slightly oozy at the end of the session. I understand as a client to bring water bottle  and some food just in case.

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