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Disclaimer, Policies and Procedures


Consent Form

I understand that Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment ( aka QMA) visualization method is not a pain healing service but only a holistic pain assessment tool to find the root cause of the pain, dysfunction and stress.


I understand that this method focuses on Karmic responsibility and accountability towards self and others and world at large. Therefore, I understand that I am encouraged to seek healing and/or conventional treatment options first before seeking this mode of assessment. 

I understand that, me as a client is 100% responsible to bring about changes by taking actions guided by QMA assessment.


I understand that taking action steps provided by my own mind-body-Quantum conscious self is a must to resolve any pain, stress, dysfunction or/and suffering and the method itself won't address any of the above stated directly as a treatment option.


I understand that if not proven to be of satisfaction, I am responsible to ask for 100% refund within 24 hours post session. 


I understand that QMA technique does not resolve pain and suffering in itself but gives action steps to resolve pain by understanding the root cause of the issue.


I understand, as a client, that I myself sees through visualization, action steps and QMA Practitioner Prajakta can only provide needed context.

I understand that as a client I own 100% responsibility to resolve the problem.


I  understand that I may have to help myself by living more natural organic and simple lifestyle that my body guides me to take.


I understand that the action path forward may be complex and may require significant lifestyle changes beyond understanding of Prajakta. 

I understand that I may have to also make significant changes in my family's lifestyle ( to the best of my ability) and my work related lifestyle.


I understand that being peaceful and compassionate towards self and others may ease the process.


I also understand that I am signing up for QMA session with my free will after looking at traditional and holistic treatment options which haven't worked for me.  

I won't hold Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA (Owner and Developer of Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment technique for pain assessment) responsible for any situations/conditions arising pre, post and during assessment.


Practitioner Prajakta will not know the extend of the change and I will not hold her or others involved( such as people I may see in visualization that are connected to my suffering) responsible. 

I understand that along with Karmic accountability and discipline ; forgiveness and compassion towards All will help me and other fellow humans be at peace.


I understand that I won't make claims or make others legally responsible for my personal suffering as I know to the best of my understanding and ability that my own personal Karma and my contribution towards collective Karma is responsible for my suffering.


I also understand that, QMA is a non-invasive drug free method of assessment with significant impact on my way of living and I understand that I will only sign up for the session/ Book the session if I am ready to take 100% responsibility of my own actions and agree to consent form completely with 100% of my own free will.


I understand that understanding/awareness provided is not a substitute for professional medical treatment. I will always seek medical care if and as needed.

I understand that QMA pain and stress assessment session is only complimentary to my regular medical treatment.

With that in mind, I agree to fully release and hold harmless Leverage Soul and Sound LLC ( Leverage Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment pain assessment clinic) and its Practitioner Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA  against all claims or liabilities of whatever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with QMA session.

Contraindications :


2. Recent Trauma/Recent Surgery

3. Fever / Active Bacterial and/or Viral Infections

4. Severe mental or cognitive disorder

5. Please do follow all Covid related state precautions

I understand that only biological parents or legal guardians of the child ( up to age 18 years) can participate in the session and only action steps that they themselves can take comes as a guidance. 

Child can be present during the session. 



I understand as a parent/ legal guardian that this is Karmic alignment session. If my child is suffering in spite of taking typical medical route then I have to take a session as a client and not my child. I understand that I have to make changes as an adult recommended for me as an adult.  

I understand that Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA  choose not work in a capacity of a Physical Therapist, Sound Therapist or Manual Therapist though she does have years of experience in medical field to give me clarity and context.

I understand that Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA has worked in the capacity as a Akashic Record Reader and I may see my  past life information though I will be able to derive only useful information that is related to pain and suffering. No Future information or no out of context information can come due to ethical and moral responsibility that clinic holds for itself. I understand that it is strictly against policy and procedure of Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment clinic to go into any Future forecasting. 

I understand that I am here to receive help for my pain and stress  but knowledge about my condition can help lot of other people. Therefore, I understand that my information will be used as a case study ( without disclosing any of my personal information). The Quantum connections will be used along with medical diagnosis if any. I understand that this consent is a must before signing up for a session. I understand that this would be a wonderful help to others especially those who do not have ether access or money to pay for a session.  

I understand that I sign up for Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment ( Aka QMA) method of Pain assessment tool  by reading Policy and procedures completely.

I understand that a 24-hour cancellation notice prior to my appointment time is needed.

I understand that it is best for me to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes with layers. I understand that session will be conducted in sitting. Even client cannot sit then supine position on massage table is recommended. I understand that I do need to bring a pillow and a blanket if I am unable to sit and had to lay down. 

I understand that I will be responsible to bring my own water bottle to avoid waste of plastic cups.

I understand that I need to eat something before session and stay hydrated.

I understand that I am participating in an assessment of unresolved pain and stress to find the root cause. Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment is only an  assessment tool.  


I understand that Length of the Time of the session is approximate and can vary.  Average session length is 90 minutes. 

Session Recording Policy:

I understand that all Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Visualization sessions are recorded and the complete recording is send to the client. However technical difficulties can be present. Therefore, Clients are encouraged to take notes right after the session or do the recording on their cellphone themselves.


I also understand that the recording may not be 100% audible and since technical or voice recording issues can arise, there may be defects or damages. I Understand that I cannot make QMA practitioner Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA responsible for these issues.

Language Policy

All clients should be able to have ability to understand and speak English. Otherwise please do have a relative who can translate and has good understanding of spoken English be present during the session. 


QMA Practitioner Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA  does not differentiate clients by religious or spiritual affiliations, sexual orientation, caste, color of the skin and age. 


I understand as a client that clinic is not W/C accessible. 

I understand that occasionally a client may feel confuse, overwhelmed or relaxed at the end of the session. Please bring another person with you to drive back home just in case. 

I understand that as I am signing for the sessions as I have read and understood all of these policies and procedures correctly and I agree to participate in Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Visualization meditation technique for assessment purposes only to try to find out my or my child's root cause of pain and stress that is not resolved with typical medical and holistic treatment.

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