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Disclaimer, Policies and Procedures

A. Please do read Consent form  Completely.

B. This is Pain and Disease state Assessment and not a treatment session. 

C. Client's  session notes will be published as "Blogs" without revealing Client's personal information such as client's First and Last name.  

Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment Consent Form 

I understand that Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment ( aka QMA) visualization meditation method is a Holistic pain and Disease state assessment tool to find the Karmic root cause of the Pain and Disease States of existence.


I understand that this method focuses on Karmic responsibility and accountability towards  the world at large.

 I understand that I am encouraged to seek healing and/or conventional medical treatment options  before seeking this mode of assessment. 

I understand that, me as a client is 100% responsible to bring about changes by taking actions guided by Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment Technique.

I understand that QMA technique does not resolve pain and disease state in itself but gives action steps to resolve pain and disease states of existence. The pain or discomfort may increase. decrease or remain same depends on client's ability to resolve Karmic blockages. 

I understand, as a client, the  I myself see through visualization, and it's Hundred Percent up to me to follow what is needed.

I won't hold Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA ( Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment Practitioner) responsible for any situations/conditions arising pre, post and during assessment.


I understand as a client that Practitioner Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA ( Practitioner ) will not know the extend of the change required or needed action steps to resolve pain and dis-ease states of existence and I will not hold her or others involved( such as people I may see in visualization that are connected to my Karmic connections) responsible. 

I, as a client, understand that I won't make claims or make others legally responsible for my personal suffering as a client.

I , as a client, also understand that, QMA is a non-invasive drug free method of assessment.


I, as a client, understand that understanding/awareness provided is not a substitute for professional medical treatment. I will always seek medical care if and as needed.

I, as a client,  understand that QMA pain and stress assessment session is only complimentary to my regular medical treatment.

With that in mind, I, as a client, agree to fully release and hold harmless Leverage Soul and Sound LLC ( Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Holistic Karmic assessment clinic) and its Practitioner Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA (Quantum MultiDisciplinary Practitioner) against all claims or liabilities of whatever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with QMA session.

Contraindications :



The session is not intended for children and adults less than 25 years of age. I understand as a client that my legal age is above Twenty-Five years to Book the Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment session and Participate in the Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment  session. .

I, as a client, understand that Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA, Practitioner of Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment  and incarnated Disease Revealing Akashic Guide, has chosen not to officially work in a capacity as  a Physical Therapist though she does have years of experience in medical field.


 I,  as a client understands that each soul has a capacity to resolve it's own Karmic problems.

I as a client understand that taking responsibility of others in a critical times like these would make me and others weak as I don't understand true meaning of Unity Consciousness where each soul has Inherent Ability to grow as a Enlightened Being by resolving it's own Karmic Baggage. 

I understand that Prajakta Abhijit Joshi, PT, MA  has been given this meditation by Akashic Guides as a service to humanity. Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment does not belong to anyone incarnated. It's application belongs to All Humanity.  

 I, as a client, understand that my information will be used as a case study ( without disclosing on the blog my personal information) in a note form. I understand that this is a must to receive Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment session. I understand that this would be a wonderful help to others especially those who do not have much power to change much in the world.


I, as a client, understand that participating in Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment session is a Free Will and no one should force me to take Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment session. 

When in-person, I, as a client, understand that it is best for me to wear comfortable loose fitting  cotton clothes with layers. I understand that session will be conducted in sitting or in laying down position.

I, as a client, understand that I will be responsible to bring my own water bottle to avoid waste of plastic cups if the session is in-person.

I, as a client,  understand that I need to eat something before session and stay hydrated.

I understand that length of the session is approximate and can vary.  Average session length is  sixty minutes.

I, as a client, understand that all Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Visualization sessions are noted down by Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment practitioner and the pictures of the notes will be send to the  client. 


I , as a client, understands that Clients are encouraged only if they want to write there interpretations in the Blog by providing their interpretations in their own words.  Session notes will be posted as pictures and in writing.


I understand as a client that clinic is not W/C accessible. Most sessions are conducted online. 

 Go to  QMA Blogs page  to understand how visualization meditation note forms look like as an example.

Go to Book Online Page Now. 

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