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Disclaimer and Waiver


Consent Form

I understand that any Akashic Record reading/Soul Realignment reading, Sound Therapy, Reiki healing, Spirit guide sessions craniosacral therapy and transformational coaching session  are all Wellness Services provided by Leverage Soul and Sound Practice or our practitioner Prajakta Joshi are for the purpose of wellness, education and/or entertainment purposes. I also understand that in all of the above wellness sessions, Prajakta does not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorders.  I also understand that I am signing up for these sessions with my free will and I am completely responsible for all the actions that I will take or not take post sessions even if Prajakta recommends some "homework" and action modifications. I won't hold Prajakta Joshi and any other members of Leverage Soul and Sound responsible for any situations/conditions. I also undersatnd that, Prajakta Joshi does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals to treat, prevent or cure any disease. I understand that the healings provided whether it be energy, sound, essence/aromatherapy, manual therapy are not a substitute for medical treatment and that it is recommended that I see a physician for any physical/ emotional /mental ailment(s) that I may have. Additional information about Contraindications and Aftercare for Sound Therapy is available on Leverage Therapy website at I have stated all my known medical condition(s) & take it upon myself to keep the practitioner updated in writing before a therapy session on changes in my physical health. I also understand that all Akashic record readings are intended for spiritual wellness and/or entertainment purposes and I am at all times responsible for any of the physical, emotional, relationship, spiritual, financial, career or clearing decisions.  With that in mind, I agree to fully release and hold harmless Leverage Soul and Sound Therapy LLC and its Practitioner Prajakta Joshi against all claims or liabilities of whatever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with any of the above sessions. 

I understand that Craniosacral Therapy has  few contraindications which are mainly acute stroke, acute cranial or spinal surgery, acute cerebral hemorrhage, aneurysm or any other acute cerebral vascular condition. I also Understand that I am responsible for updating Prajakta Joshi , Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner about all my medical conditions and updates for safety reasons.   

I understand that once I am signing up for a session, it is understood that I have looked at the  Sound Therapy Contraindications ( click on the link below) that I agree I have read and understood before signing up for any of the Leverage Soul and Sound session and I also understand that it is my responsibility to inform therapist any updates and/or changes in my medical/mental/physical status that is in any way relevant for my session. 





I understand that any significant mental/physical illness that requires attention of a psychiatrist/medical doctor should be reported to Prajakta Joshi as per appropriate to the session and I need to provide doctor's approval as needed for my safety and for therapist awareness to have best outcome from holistic/wellness session! 

Cancellation Policy:

For Sound Therapy, Reiki healing, Craniosacral Therapy:  I understand that a 24-hour cancellation notice prior to my appointment time is needed for all the mentioned services except Akashic record reading. 

I understand that any of the Akashic record/Soul Realignment reading is not refundable after 24 hours of booking. I understand that I  can cancel any of the Aksahic record reading within 24 hours of booking. I understand that this is because Prajakta may have already opened my Akashic Records and accessed my information and she may have already spend her time collecting information and since it's my information she is required to convey it back to me.

I understand that complete payment is due with online booking prior to  all the sessions. 

I also understand that I am responsible for all of the payment.

I understand that all Akashic Record reading sessions are conducted online! I understand that that all Sound Therapy, reiki healing and craniosacral therapy sessions are conducted in-person mainly. Online option is also available for all these sessions! 

Session Recording Policy:

I understand that all Akashic record sessions are recorded and the complete recording is send it to client. However, Leverage Soul and Sound LLC does not guarantee the recording will be 100% audible and since technical issues can arise, there may be defects or damages. I Understand that I cannot make Leverage Soul and Sound LLC responsible for technical issues. Also, it is my responsibility to have my online devices such as phone/ facetime/ zoom in complete working condition ( including internet connectivity) and Leverage Soul and Sound is not responsible for encountering issues that arise from the client side/my side. 

I Understand that clients who book any holistic/wellness sessions in the service page/ online booking page must be 18 years old to book a session.

I also understand that if I am  booking an Akashic record session as a Gift session, then I am aware that I have to get permission from a person I am  gifting/requesting a session for. I understand that Prajakta Joshi in Leverage Soul and Sound Therapy LLC will not go in any other people’s Akashic records without their permission for ethical and practical reasons. 

I also understand that Prajakta Joshi cannot access Akashic records without Legal Birth name, Legal current name, Birth place and Birth date. So this information is a must to access correct records. I also understand that Prajakta Joshi in Leverage Soul and Sound does not predict future in her Akashic Record sessions as she believes that predicting future goes against "free-will" that we are here to experience and predicting future has obligation/restriction energy and can restrict me in my own empowered action steps. 

Before I book a session, I understand that I am have to go over this consent and disclaimer form and understand and accept all the above conditions. If I have any questions then I am responsible for checking ,understanding and resolving all the questions before booking a session.  Once I book a session, it is assumed that I agree completely with all the above stated conditions including consent and I am participating in any of the offered sessions from Leverage Soul and Sound with my free-will and complete understanding of disclaimer, policy and Procedures! 

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