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 Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Technique

The name of this technique was given to me first by my client herself during meditation and then by Reiki Masters through meditations, contemplations and very simple experience of experiencing my own anger towards other planets when someone I felt was unjust to me. 

 I was told to take non-existential sabbatical. During this time I went through a very minor experience of  alignment of self which was far from what one can expect. 


I was told and I have asked forgiveness for most of my mistakes and now I live a Frugal life that is  in bare minimal  alignment with Mother Earth. This includes Mantra " We can heal together". 

The Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Technique is a powerful visualization technique to understand one's responsibilities towards collectives including other planetary systems. 


Clients themselves will see through visualization that one Must take " given collective karmic healing actions towards Plant Health and Wellbeing, Future Generations' wellbeing as per deem by DNA's fitness and towards humanity in a given priority order" to heal themselves and others  from Ankylosing Spondylitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Headaches, Itching, eye pain along with  other medical conditions that are hard to heal with medications such as eczema. Allergic Reactions was already a planetary sign along with other mental health conditions that were given to population demonstrating misaligned behaviors as per Reiki Masters. 

This information will be given to client by Akashic Guides who have access to Disease Files which refer to collective Karma and it's consequences that a planet and it's people may go through if behavior is not corrected instantly in a given timeframe. 

The pain will be healed when clients actually perform actions peacefully.

It was told to me that no one will be in charge of QMA organization and everyone will act in a capacity of teaching assistant with minimal stipend as that is what is expected. ( I will get maximum $2000/month). 

I was told to be authentic as conveying Truth and acting with Integrity is only way forward. 

Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Technique's main focus is plant and animal life. 

Each session will be recorded and notes will be published by default. 


Clients will be in charge of reporting all that they see in their own words. 

Clients will be in charge of interpretation of data and I was told not to give any context as only client will know true extent of it.


This will be in-person and online session. 

After publishing post online  (clients first and last name won't be disclosed by me in the post for basic privacy courtesy) the post can be analyze by as many viewers as it can. Each viewer will have their own interpretations which can be valid. It may apply to different medical conditions. 

Everyone will have an opportunity to perform good collective deeds with integrity if they get any intuitive cues in their own readings of the blogs. All blogs are coded by Reiki Masters and I was told that there will be no penalty for me if someone tries to decode them and use some other codes to change it's meaning. 

Penalty as I have been told if someone tries to hurt integrity of data is significant punishment given by Reiki Masters to all those involved.  

This method will never allowed to be teach as it is not as per Source's wishes.


i am trained by Source, Reiki Masters and Akashic Guides that have keys to data of Disease files. 

I was told that Physical Therapist and all medical professionals should be aware of immense responsibility that they will be carrying out in coming years and it will be wise to get appropriate amount of sleep everyday.

I am grateful for Akashic Guides and Reiki Masters ( Truth Seekers) to allow me to be part of this essential work which will help Plants, Animals and  humanity in critical times. 

I am grateful to my clients for allowing me to give them Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Technique session.

I ask for forgiveness  if in the process I hurt anyone even by mistake. I wish peace, health and wellbeing for ALL. 

Peace and Stay Well.

Prajakta Joshi

Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Technique Provider

My Educational Background:

1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Sancheti Institute of  Rehabilitation, Pune, India

2. Master of Physical Therapy from University of Iowa, Iowa, USA.

My other Qualifications

1. Sound Therapy Diploma 

My significant mistakes in Professional life and other areas of life related to my profession as a therapist and as a Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Technique Practitioner.

Mistakes that I was Scared to write. However, I was told that I may get R side paralysis of my Face or whole body depending on my resistance to accept the Truth:

A. Twenty Nine times I had sleeping episode when client was on Massage table while performing Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Therapy or MyoFascial Release. I was able to awake myself within seconds + 1

B. Sleeping Episode while Meditating or most likely I was sleeping most of the times and still considered myself meditation expert. 

C. Having an occasional clinical crush on Colleagues and once on client though never manifesting anything into a actual relationship. 

D. Following Employers directions to do wrong such as Employer from "HIPPA" told me to reuse the electrical stimulation pads for the same patient.

Employer/Manager "HIPPA" from 2 facilities told me to calculate minutes close to 8 minute rule.

Employer/ Management from one facility " HIPPA" asked me to do Medicare Fraud which I stood up against although instead of pursuing court case I was ready to give my resignation.

Employer/Manager of ALL facilities talked a lot about Productivity except Duke Regional Hospital where I worked as PRN Therapist. 

Employers of ALL facilities insisted on documenting in the presence of patient while treating them while no understanding of how ( when they are resting, performing exercises , being on Bike etc. ) 

I have seen ( in my knowledge) almost all therapist follow such directives and as per guides I am above average to follow correct Ethical and Moral Principles. 

Exception: " HIPPA" , A private outpatient Therapist whom I applaud for not asking me to do any such thing. However, I was getting paid per patient and not an hourly pay. 


I was told by the Disease Revealing Akashic Guides that this is a must for Me. 


Truth and All Truth is a must for Me.


Om Shanti! I am Peaceful ! 

4-15-2024 : I was told that codes such as  e.g. paralysis would apply to some of the Employers, Owners and Management staff in next five years in United States for those professions that need strongest Moral and Ethical guidelines from now onwards.


Code activation would happen in steps. e.g. Profession "X", Percent activation of disease codes "Y". I was told that this would be "Lucky Draw" system which means paying back Karma in this way is a fortunate event for a Soul so we will understand it's Karmic mistakes in Quickest fashion.  Many people may feel as a human that this is a   "Cruel Joke" but this is a must for me (HER) to write. For Disease Revealing Guides, the way we act with Arrogance, Violence, Brutality, Greed, Anger and other multitude of self-serving scenarios is a "big mistake". I have been told that "I" should always point "all my fingers" at myself and count only " My" mistakes. 

Also having this very essential knowledge given to us Humans in upcoming trying times should be consider as "Blessing and Huge Responsibility" at the same time. 

The information should be shared to ALL Countries and their heads = Very Small Responsibility


Every Year there will be certain number of percent population who will have Code Activation such as "HIPPA" who would be first profession that is going to get activated in next three years with disease codes.


I, Prajakta Joshi at ego level, am aware of another person who is involved in DATA and Percent Understanding who would be able to tell Government more about codes and the percentages as needed.


He/She/It will reveal Himself/Herself/Itself when His/Her/It's Spiritual Awakening or "something Similar" is complete. 

I was told that there are 100,000 people who will go through similar training in next 10 years by actually suffering through different diseases.  Prajakta Joshi being the one of the 9th  one at present( 4-16-2024) who has gone through small episodes of 10 of those new/rare diseases by now. The disease presentations in general population will start in next 10 years with Pandemic like situations if not acted upon such warnings as given at present.

We wish All human race the Very Best: Disease Revealing Akashic Guides. 

Here are few of my other mistakes and some of them are even worse than what I understand at Ego Level. 

A. Saying wrong things to other planetary heads, other planets' people, and source himself due to my own fears.

B. Saying, judging wrong things about others including Reiki Masters, Source and everyone involved.

C. Spending unnecessary and extensive time in non-essential activities such as internet browsing, etc. x (1000+1)

D. Using essential oils. I was told as common sense states that I should be planting trees and not using tree's healing properties for my own benefits without giving anything in return.

Each essential bottle oil cost is planting minimum 20,000+1 trees for everyone.

I am not allowed to use essential oils anymore. 

E.  I was told by Reiki Guides who are truth seekers that it will take me two lifetimes to become Reiki master. If I cannot live on two grains of rice for years then I do not have any authority to call myself Reiki Master.

F. Calling myself Practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy is a mistake of me. This is an art that involves healing at Akashic Field level. Calling myself practitioner of anything by only getting education in level one course of Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release is a fraud at any level of conscious living.


G..  I was told that me even touching Tarot cards was my biggest mistake in this lifetime. 

H. I was told that calling upon spirit guides and getting involved in spirituality without proper guidance of true spiritual seeker was also a biggest mistake.

I. Having sleeping episodes while taking Physical Therapy continuing education courses ( online and in-person) is also a laughable mistake.

However, given the scope of mistakes happened in this lifetime , this was taken as a fun, enjoyable experience by many in spiritual realm. 

Hopefully, I will get some critical feedback to improve on this one as I was given plenty of sleeping time by now. 

J. As a Physical Therapist being lazy in documentation, being afraid of talking to insurance companies, performing simple task as an excruciating chore when "not in alignment", as told by Therapy team. However, confusing Insurance company Matrix also hold significant Karmic misalignment Blueprint that would be changed automatically given current Karmic Balance sheet calculation Scenarios. 


K. As a " healer or holistic practitioner"  , I have made big mistake of sending my own and my clients any negative experiences such as pain, depression, discomfort  to Mother Earth's core and also to the light. 

"Why would "light" or "Mother Earth" will take Karmic responsibility of my own Karma or my client's Karma?" was a valid question that I asked myself. 

L. I was told that using crystals is another big mistake. Anything that one ask for self, family or client will never work for me as Mother Earth is going towards SatYug.

M. I was told that it will be my mistake if I promote any religion. I was told that from now on there is only one religion and that is "Religion of Peace for ALL i.e. Religion of only Peace". 

N.  I was given an intense experience during that demonstrated how a calm and level headed person like me can become religious fanatic. I was told that if we judge others, hold anger or discontentment towards others, if we are not kind towards others then that is a "hell" in itself. If we show wrong compassion then that is also " painful Experience" for us and others.


F. I was told that performing charity at wrong  charity organization, for wrong cause, for wrong person may intensify my Karmic payback towards collective. Any Charity organization should follow strict Moral and Ethical code .


G.  Being Greedy while bringing essential oils, sound therapy equipment etc. while not paying attention to neither environmental cost nor  budget was a significant mistake.

I was told that Greed can lead to many known and unknown diseases whose genetic codes would be revealed during Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment Technique sessions.

H. I apologize  for not having mastery on any language including English, Sanskrit, Marathi etc. 

Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes you will find while reading this website. 

I. As a Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment Technique practitioner, I am allowed to use minimal English as a spoken language. I was encouraged to use silence. I was told that English was the language used by British to rule the world and video-games have no language. One should understand progression towards KaliYug. 

J. Thinking about clients and how they must have felt after the session and being critical of self.

K. Occasionally, not being kind with words with my own family members such as my karmic partner, my mother or father etc. x (20 + !) while promoting peace.


L. Neglecting kids due to work, allowing them to watch Internet, video games etc. x ( 5+ 1)  

M. Telling white lies, being people pleaser etc. x ( 25 + 1)

I apologize for all known and unknown mistakes that I have performed. I will try to keep my mistakes to bare minimal. 

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