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                                            ABOUT PRAJAKTA

Prajakta Joshi is a Physical Therapist ( Licensed in state of North Carolina) with masters in Biomechanics in Physical Therapy. She has over 15 years of experience working with patients and she addresses pain management. Prajakta found a energy healing path which has helped lot of her patients and clients  and now she is completely devoted to working as a energy healer and soul-conscious self-transformation coach. 


Prajakta is a energy healing practitioner with Diploma in Sound Therapy. She is Craniosacral Therapy practitioner and myofascial release practitioner who has used these two modalities for years in her physical therapy career as well. 

she is trained in Reiki Healing and is a Reiki Master. She has also done essential oil application certification. 

She is an Akashic record reader and  advanced Soul Realignment practitioner. Prajakta has done deeper studies in spirituality and human psyche and has developed lot of her own protocols while studying and guiding clients in her Akashic Record readings.


Prajakta is Founder and Owner of Leverage Physical Therapy and Leverage Soul and Sound Therapy, LLC. 

In her Physical Therapy clinic , Prajakta used holistic approach with her Physical Therapy patients using sound therapy and Reiki as alternative healing modalities for pain management. She witnessed immense benefits of these holistic modalities for her patients. Prajakta realized power of energy healing. This experience led her to an interesting and fulfilling journey towards her own spiritual path.


She has found Akashic records as one of the best modalities to understand ourselves at soul level. Akashic Records give us guidance regarding our Karma and non-serving Karmic patterns. It shows us many energetic blocks and restriction. Prajakta has found that by fixing these misaligned energy pattern, we all can find harmony, purpose and peace in our life.  

Prajakta meditates daily and meditation has become her passion. She loves to give this deep meditative experience to her clients. To achieve this goal she has developed a powerful "Sound Spa" session. She combines her energy healing modalities and customize each session as per client needs. In this session , lot of her her clients experience deep meditative peaceful states and they get immense clarity.  She feels that its her call to guide her clients to their own spiritual journey with embedded practicality and karmic wisdom. 

Prajakta wants to ground spiritual experience to a very practical action oriented strategies so that people can live their divinity every day and understand that they have power to create their own life with a soul-conscious mindset. 

Prajakta has studied and has gained deeper understanding of chakra's /energetic pathways. She analyzes and balances Chakra's to achieve a state of vitality. 

Prajakta likes to give practical "home-work" to her clients based on session analysis. It is up to client to follow through as she understands its a very personal journey. 

In her spare time, Prajakta likes reading and listening to audiobooks. She likes to hear podcasts as well. Most of her reading revolves around understanding spiritual wisdom, psychology and self empowerment. She is very fond of her mediation practice. Prajakta's goal is to strive to live a soul-conscious way.

Prajakta loves to spend time with her kids and husband in her spare time. Talking to her kids and spending  time with them, cooking for them and keep things organized at home are some of her other passions. Prajakta loves indoor plants and enjoys simple minimalistic lifestyle. 


Prajakta's Mission
Lifestyle Transformation and  Empowerment


My mission in Leverage Soul Re-Alignment and Akashic Record readings is to offer you an empowered and transformative lifestyle that is aligned with your higher self.


A happy, healthy and empowered person builds and flourishes in a happy, healthy and nurturing environment. A good career decision brings not only a great income but also great relationships. A vibrant energy home attracts a vibrant energy inhabitant. A supportive and happy parent raises loving and kind children who grow into resilient adults. An aspiring entrepreneur can make transformative innovations and gets the best chance in living their true divinity. A soul comes to life to experience these crucial aspects . A journey as this would be truly amazing if you understand and align yourself to your higher self. This why I offer a lifestyle coaching package where you can address all the aspects of your lifestyle and start aligning them towards your own divinity. These packages offer customized solutions geared towards your needs.

My background as a Physical Therapist and researcher keeps me grounded to give you practical and actionable guidance. I combine, holistic healing practices such as Sound Therapy, Reiki, essential oils and crystal energy to give a complete enriching experience.


Love & Light


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