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Below are some proactive steps to gain balance and also the Challenges/ Conditions Addressed with energy Healing and Akashic Record Reading sessions

1. Proactive Measures to Maintain and Improve Health and Wellbeing:

  • Relaxation of mind and body 

  • Attaining deep meditative state 

  • Higher Spiritual Connection

  • Balanced Chakras

  • Soul Conscious Living

  • Increasing Vitality and Joy

2. To Release and Heal Mental and Emotional Issues Such as

  • Stress

  • Lack of Clarity

  • Lack of Focus

  • Anxious feeling

  • Mental weakness/ Loss of confidence

  • Sleeping difficulties

  • Lack of motivation to create

  • Mood Changes

  • Lower Self esteem

  • Emotional Trauma

  • Guilt 

  • Shame

  • Codependency

  • Anger

  • Resentment

  • Blame

  • Emotional Sensitivity

  • Feeling of being stuck

  • Difficulty to communicate feelings/emotions

  • Spiritual Escapism

  • Lack of Spiritual connection

  • Lack of Vitality

  • Disconnection from self or others

  • Lack of Grounding/ Being always in Head/ Constant Thinking 

3. To Work and Heal  Physical Issues Such as 

  • Musculoskeletal Pain/discomfort

  • Postural Misalignment

  • Muscle tightness

  • Headache

  • Sleeping Difficulty 

  • Tissue/Fascia Tightness

4. To Resolve Other Life Areas such as

  • Self Development Barriers

  • Relationship Issues

  • Love Life Issues

  • Career Success Barrier

  • Business Success Barrier

  • Financial Issues

5. Home/Business Property Energy Clearing

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