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Group Sound Bath

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Sound Bath is a deep meditative experience where one is immersed in deep sound vibrations.

Specific healing vibrations are introduced along with Mantra chanting and guided visualization to help you decompress.

Each session will be held with specific intent. Particular frequencies affect different energy centers in body. Sound Bath resets energy centers ( Chakra's) and get energy moving in right direction. 

Session will be available for group settings such as

Mental Health service offices, Healing centers, Wellness Retreats, Yoga centers and other office and corporate settings. 

Area served for in Sound Bath meditation is Austin Tx and Austin suburbs/Metropolis. 

Please do contact before booking session. 

Each Group Sound Bath session  is 1 Hour with 30 mins extra for Q/A 

Price : Up to 15 people $200.

For corporate events -Call for Pricing. 

Different Types of instruments used in Sound Bath are


A Gong

Singing Bowls

Tuning Forks



Rain Stick

Group Sound Bath Session Benefits :

1. Deeper relaxation

2. Mind-Body- Spirit Harmony

3. Spiritual connection/ Inner self Connection

4. Experiencing deeper meditative state

5. Community Connection

6. Sense of Harmony with self and others

7. Increased sense of Empathy

8. Great for Networking and making connection with like minded people

9. Increase love and peace within family members and friends

10. Increase Cooperation with each other in office settings

* This is a holistic wellness session and is no substitute for medical and mental health treatment. Please do follow your Doctor's advice. Use wellness session as a complimentary therapy.


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