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Personalized One -On-One
 Meditation Coaching

Chakra Balancing

Meditation's stress reducing, life enhancing  benefits are scientifically proven.

This customized and efficient meditation coaching method is individualized specific to each client. 

Client will be put in meditative state first. By experiencing deep meditative state, it is easy for client to create similar experience. 

Individualized client specific Meditation method emerges in the session. 

Method will be explained and discussed in detail and then homework will be given. 

Follow Up Homework is essential to achieve mastery. 

Clients may need multiple Coaching sessions to master the skill. Homework Follow-up is also required to get the results. 

Each one-on-one personalized meditation coaching session is 1 Hour to 1 Hour 30 mins

Price: $100

Benefits and Conditions Addressed 

Meditation is a positive and scientifically proven way to improve overall health and well-being!

This session involves having clients experience meditative state with the help of sound healing, Chakra balancing and craniosacral therapy. Once client experiences this state, it is easy to replicate it in one's own meditation practice. The session will then discuss theory and method to practice. The correct method resurfaces during the session itself.  This is a customized session with the correct , most efficient  technique that is right for the client.

The most benefit of this session is to align oneself on meditative journey with correct path right away instead of spending years finding the right path. Once one makes meditation as a successful daily part of their life, the journey evolves itself. 


Different meditation techniques are involved to choose from as one or combination of method. Breath meditation, Sound meditation, Body scan, Self Guided meditation, Compassion meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Chakra Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Connection to pure consciousness energy by spiritual guidance and initiation.


Benefits of Regular Meditation Practice!

1. Reduction of Stress

2. Healing from anxiety and depression

3. Bolster self-confidence

4. Ability to stay calm and collected in all external life situations

5. Reduction in inflammatory conditions

6. Improved sleep Pattern

7. Increased Vitality

8. Improved Brain health

9. Curb Addiction

10. Decreases Pain

11. Control Food Cravings

12. Decreases Blood Pressure

13. Improved capacity to do complex tasks

14. A greater ability to empathize with others

15. Understanding and experiencing Soul Consciousness

16. Improved Personal Relationship

17. Positive outlook to life

* This is a holistic wellness session and is no substitute for medical and mental health treatment. Please do follow your Doctor's advice. Use wellness session as a complimentary therapy.


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