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Akashic Records and
Spiritual Guidance


Once we know what Karmic misalignments we created with our own actions, we find clarity and peace in life situations. At soul Conscious level , we understand reason behind everything that has  happened. This is the time when we turn to spirituality to explore the right actions.  

This session focuses on our own Karma and it's consequences from this and past lives. 

Spiritual guidance is secular, energetic analysis and is not offensive to any religion. Focus of the session is understanding about our own Karmic baggage( why behind situations)  and ways to ease it with our own intents, thoughts and actions.  

Most clients feel immense clarity towards their life situation. And they also understand the action plan to resolve the situation and move forward with ease. 

Each Akashic Record and Spiritual Guidance session  is 1 Hour (to 1 Hour 30 mins)

Price: $130

Benefits and Conditions Addressed 

1. Finding purpose of life, 

​ Getting clarity about any situation in life 

 Understanding correct path forward. 

2.Situational Analysis can be performed  in different areas of life including Primary Relationships, Love Life, Family Life, Career Guidance, Financial blocks, Business Related blocks, Friendships, Spiritual Growth, Personal Growth.

3. Akashic Record session is also useful for property clearing where we clear all the blocks and restriction present in the property that are restricting self-growth and causing problematic situations in our life. ( Home and/or office)

This is a Spiritually Oriented Self-growth session.

Following two Things that are not done in any of my Akashic  Record sessions:

Future Predictions

Going in another person's records without their consent. 

The session is designed to understand where we lack and improve ourselves in the form of perspective and action shift.

Homework is integral part of session. Homework is Karma oriented and possibly meditative practice to adapt. 

We are always in-charge of our free will and what we want to create. This session makes us aware of our strengths that we can work on/emphasize on. This session also provides insights into where current blocks are that are blocking our progress. And what action plan we can adapt that is right in that situation.

This can be deeply transformative session if our goal is self-growth/soul growth as long as one is ready to put action oriented efforts once guidance comes through. Generally, homework itself will bring biggest shift and joy/peace in life. Lot of clients find homework very enriching and love to do it as they completely rhyme with it and feel in alignment. 

* This is a holistic wellness session and is no substitute for medical and mental health treatment. Please do follow your Doctor's advice. Use wellness session as a complimentary therapy.


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