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Mindfulness Meditation

Prajakta has practiced mindfulness meditation and has a history of meditation coach. During one of her meditations, she realized the benefits of mindfulness meditation to find out root cause of the problem that is aligned with her areas of expertise as a practitioner working with clients to help them achieve natural pain relief. 


Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment is a technique that is in the process of evolving as is newly discovered though in Prajakta's opinion ancient practitioners must have used it effectively to resolve their own body issues. 


In QMA technique of body awareness, client is in a peaceful state of flow when he/she/they visualize or verbalize the root cause of discomfort by initiating a body-scan where they can see up to 4 areas that practitioner should work on to release stress and pain. Client can also verbalize attached emotions or memories in the process and release them.. 

Prajakta as a Physical Therapist, Manual Therapist and Sound Therapist has a context, experience and knowledge of the problem that she shares with the client and guide client in the process. 


QMA not only guides with physical issues but also lifestyle changes and other relationship changes client can make if client has awareness and context. Client themselves can verbalize that. 

The whole session is recorded. 


With such awareness and ability of a body to perform changes that client needs to make it is very easy for client to pinpoint root cause of the problem along with required solutions. 

Our body gives us pain and discomfort to point out the exact source of discomfort and guide us to take much needed path.

At the same time, our body knows how crucial those changes are and it has it's own ways by increasing or decreasing the symptoms. 

Client's should be aware of this fact before booking a QMA session that the symptoms may reduce or go away after awareness comes in but there is possibility of them coming back as cues to us to heal our own body-mind complex. 

Once we learn the meditation in this method we can practice this method at home  with recording given to us to find exact root cause or source of our discomfort in the future instead of booking another session as the recording stays with us. 

I highly recommend client to have an app on their own phone such as "Voice Record Pro" or any APP of their choice to record session themselves and take responsibility of recording the session. I will also try my best to record the session but technical difficulties may arise. 

At the same time client should learn mindfulness meditation technique from a professional meditation teacher or download Meditation App of their choice if they need assistance. 

Client can always book another session with Prajakta if needed. 

Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment technique is an non-invasive assessment tool that is designed as a complimentary holistic assessment method. It is not a substitute for medical assessment and treatment modalities. 

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