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Akashic Record- Testimonials

I highly recommend Prajakta Joshi for her Akashic records and Soul Realignment work. She is truly an amazing person and great with her work. A truly gifted and talented lady, I loved my reading and felt completely comfortable and got the answers for the questions I wanted answered.  At first, I had no idea of what Akashic Records is all about. After reading a little bit about it on google- I felt the urge to know what my Akashic record has to say about myself. The knowledge she shared with me has had the benefit of initiating profound changes in my structure, core, and the essence of who I am. I have learned and trusted in the truth that has come from the Records. I had an hour’s general reading. I was nervous before the call, but the minute Joshi said hello I relaxed. I knew the answers were coming from a higher source as there were so many things that were said that Prajakta couldn’t possibly have known, and everything was spot on. Great energy, great guidance and a lovely humor that suited me down to the ground, it was as if she had known me for years and we were the greatest of friends. -Monika F

I want to thank Prajakta for inspiring  me to search out information about my Soul journey through her work with my Akashic records! It was such an amazing experience! The knowledge is powerful and  gives me direction to improve my life’s Karma and Soul energy! I felt such relief and joy from this experience! It is  in no way  offensive to my religious beliefs or practices.  It was truly a gift for myself! Prajakta, your gifts and talents were so professionally and non-judge mentally shared!  I love that the session gave “homework “ so that I could take action. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be happier, healthier and more in-tuned with themselves. What a beautiful start to a new journey!
With Sincerest Gratitude and Blessings,
-Donna O

Praj was amazing and highly recommended. The information that was provided during my session was useful, valuable, and eye opening. It helped me understand some of my life's patterns and how to try to navigate them in a way that way enhance my soul's natural path. Come into your session with an open mind and an open heart to start discovering who you are at the core.- Randi B

Praj (Prajakta) is an amazing practitioner! I had an Akashic Soul Realignment session with her and the clarity, and positivity I got during and after our session together was unmatched. I have a new sense of direction and energy to match. Thank you so much Praj! I hope to follow up in 3-6months for another check in. - Ashley M

What is Akashic Records and how is it going to help one? I always had these questions. Prajakta did the Soul Realignment for my daughter, which includes finding the soul strengths and the karmic blocks. Since my daughter is a minor so I was allowed to be in the virtual session. It was an eye opener for me. I could connect the dots and understood why my daughter feels strong about some career she wants to do. Prajakta explained her the soul strengths and guided on how to implement it at all aspects of life. She also discussed the blocks and restrictions and helped to clear those. I fell I have started understanding my daughter even more after this session.
Prajakta has deep knowledge in this area and she explains it in such a simple way.
I would highly recommend the services that Prajakta provides to everyone and especially the Soul Realignment or Soul Profile Session to High School and College students. This will help them find their soul strengths and will greatly benefit them in their career decision. -Sonali N

I had wonderful experience despite my uncertainty of what to expect. I learned how my soul works and my cosmic strength and blockages. I was even helped to figure out what was sucking my energy out of me. The part best was I was able to figure out my life's assignement. I have renewed energy and a sense of mission. She was so wonderful to work with, made me feel calm and explained things simply for me to understand. Highly Recommend! - Gensei S-H

I recently had a “soul alignment” session with Prajakta. She invited me months ago to experience this and I was hesitant not really understanding what it was. I take things with my ‘soul’ very seriously, at the time, I declined. What changed? I am very careful and seek to be guided to things that are good, true, virtuous, lovely, and of good report. I believe there are things that we do not have an understanding of that need to be examined. Then we can discard, embrace or filter information, discerning between truth and error. Because I know Prajakta Joshi well and trust her intentions and heart, I accepted when she offered me the experience again. I have worked with Prajakta doing sound healing sessions, which I highly recommend, she is selective and deliberate in the methods she uses, while also making it personal for each individual. I was confident she would help me understand what this was, honor my faith beliefs, and have intentions for my highest good. I experienced the same deliberate, individual experience with this soul alignment process as I had with sound healing. Information was given in a clear and concise way throughout the entire process. I knew what to expect and how to receive the information. The insights about my strengths, gifts, and challenges are helpful and confirming. It served as an additional witness of things I already knew about myself, my gifts, my challenges, and God given purpose. I was affirmed and encouraged to continue in actions that I am already taking and ones that I have been considering. The "homework" she gave is beneficial as I take action. Thank you Praj. Such a pleasure to receive the benefit of your vast knowledge and skill all with your loving, personal touch. I gladly recommend Leverage Sound and Soul. 

- Jennifer M

I would highly recommend Prajakta's Soul Realignment and Akashic Record session to anyone who is looking for more insight into their own life. By identifying my soul's strengths and weaknesses, I have more control over my happiness as I can now consciously focus on what my Soul needs and slowly move away from what might be hurting my inner peacefulness. During the session, Prajakta made sure to explain each aspect of the Akashic records thoroughly in a well structured manner so that it was easy to understand. The session is truly authentic and gives you the most honest judgement of yourself. It is easier to understand your morals and beliefs, but it is very difficult to find the exact "why" behind them. This session revealed to me exactly why I made the decisions I did, whether they were good or bad. Now that I am aware of what my Soul attracts vs. repels, I can make better choices- ones that will help me grow into the best version of myself. If you are feeling lost or unsure of what is bothering you lately, I would highly recommend you to take Prajakta's session. It might make all the difference. -Shreya C

I highly recommend Prajakta for her capability to do Akashic records and Soul Realignment very efficiently!!!Akashic records and soul realignment gives you a perspective for why whatever happens in your life is the way it is. It shines light on the limiting beliefs of yourself or other people that you have let affect you or things that might have caused your soul to suffer. Prajakta is excellent in how she details out the connections from the past and gives a solution which if carried out, can bring the joy and full potential of the soul. This is very important for everyone so they can live life to the fullest. - Sushma S

My soul realignment session with Prajakta was amazing! A lot of things make sense now and I have the clarity to make better decisions for my future. There have always been blocks and restrictions from my past and now after the session  I am able to understand how they were still in play. This session helped me to understand how I can consciously make an effort to change recurring patterns and make a difference in my life. Super grateful for this session and highly recommend it!! -Chandini R

With Praj's knowledge and guidance, my experience with the Akashic record brought me more clarity for my individual life path and how to handle obstacles in my way. Understanding these things will help me move forward in a positive way towards becoming my highest and best self. Praj is very gifted in what she does to help you understand yourself better. I'm very grateful to have had this experience. - Rebecca H

Thanks a ton Praj for giving me an insight and a sneak peak within myself. I was hunting all the while to know certain things in my life and with today Soul profile it embarks and sets me for a new journey of connecting myself with new me.

Your Authenticity reflects in the way you patiently revealed the Soul profile for over an hour with vibrant energy.

I believe we get right connection at right time when we are seeking truth. You are one of those angel or guide for me in my journey towards myself.

I am grateful to God for associating me with you. Never thought our friendship will grow to such a serene dimension.- Yashoda B

My Akashic record reading and the information received from Praj was an amazing experience. It is helping me gaining knowledge about my soul. It provides me with guidance and actions to move forward with. Praj was very professional in her delivery. -Andrea P

Soul Realignment Akashic record reading helped me to move forward in life, breaking the barriers of my past which were holding me back. Thank you Ms. Prajakta! I am truly grateful for this service. It has given me clarity in my life and much needed guiding points for personal improvement. It was honestly quite refreshing being able to speak to Ms.  Prajakta! She takes time to understand all the questions and our situation and guide us to what action needs to be taken. I recommend that you all look into Akashic records with Ms. Prajakta - Riti S.

I google a lot and found very interesting information about Akashic records. My curiosity was so at high peak that I finally contacted Prajakta. She immediately replied back and I signed up for her Akashic Record session( Soul Re-alignment). I must say it was an eye opening session for me. We all go through lots of ups and downs in life so do I. But now, after the session, I have no reason left to complain about it. I feel much sorted and relieved now. I would like to Thank Prajakta for all her time and efforts she took for me. I wish her every success and happiness! - Dhanashree D  

Prajakta’s Soul Realignment Akashic record reading gave me guidance towards what actions I can take. Prajakta also went over blocks in my karmic path and the reason behind those blockages. We come to an understanding of how some changes in my nature will help to remove those blockages and make me ( and my soul ) happy! This session makes me feel positive in every way. Thank you Prajakta for your guidance! - Madhuri J

The soul realignment session with Prajakta was interesting, something that I never did before. It told me truly who I am at soul level and what are the roadblocks that are stopping my progress. It also gave me actions to work on to remove these blocks over the time. Thanks to Prajakta for introducing me to akashic records and to soul realignment! - Aparna B

 I feel so comfortable to share things with Prajakta in Akashic record reading session. It gives me positive energy and guidance to work further. It was totally surprising for me that all the things she studied related to me were 100% true. This shows her depth of knowledge and involvement in her profession. Thanks a lot Prajakta for such a wonderful session! - Kavita P

Prajakta is thorough professional and has a knack of connecting the mind. Her analysis and Counseling (Career Alignment) helped me to look at multiple facets. Personally I will consider my strengths going forward to make solid decisions to stand by and keep moving. - Sumukh B

Throughout my life I always struggled to be confident and stand up for myself. With Soul Re-Alignment I understood why I was the way I was. I also got guidance on how and what actions I can take and be confident. Now I know my future is in my hand. - Anagha G 

I did Akashic Record Soul Profile for my daughter. She is minor and therefore I was able to listen to her session. It just amazes me how with Akashic Record guidance, I was able to connect and align with my daughter now. Although I just wanted to enhance my Child's strength in long run, I feel understanding her soul characteristics is like having a blue print of life which can facilitate and help her navigate mindfully throughout all life situations. When situation presents, I feel she is ready for taking soul aligned action instead of staying stuck once she understands full capacity of it. Knowing her at soul level now ,I can guide her in those situations much more efficiently. Much gratitude to Akashic records, Prajakta and all the spirit guides. - Yash B

Akashic Record Testimonial
Sound Therapy Testimonials

Sound Therapy Testimonials

After sound therapy, I am much more calm and clear. I feel solid direction to move forward, take action and have peace in the process. Praj was so kind. She asked relative and helpful questions. She guided gently and she was very focused for my best outcome using sound therapy. What a beautiful experience to feel my body, accept the new input with sound and to see the change begin in small ways and continue to magnify. Feeling the vibrations throughout my body has helped me to visualize my cells changing, letting go of the old and bring in the new- Jennie M


I came to sound healing to try to get some more balance and centeredness in my life. Wanted to stop getting so easily frustrated and stressed out. Since sound healing I have felt a lot more calmness. I do not get worked up as easily and it takes a lot to get me frustrated. I feel happier and lighter. Prajakta was very compassionate and explained things very well. I really enjoyed the sense of relaxation I experienced during the session with Prajakta. - Nicole F

I would really like to recommend Prajakta Joshi for her sound healing therapy. She is founder of Leverage physical therapy and by profession a physical therapist. What I really like about her is her passion towards sound healing and kindness towards her clients. She is very friendly and makes sure that you feel very comfortable in her office. She explains everything properly and is very knowledgeable. I do have sleep problems and her sound healing sessions were tremendous help to me. My younger son has autism and with him, life can be stressful sometime . Her sessions were very relaxing, it helped to reduce my insomnia. I was absolutely clueless about sound healing and now it has become my absolute favorite. She uses different quality essential oils and it helps to completely relax, and forget about all your worries for some time at least. It takes you in a totally different world. Those who are interested in trying sound healing, she is a go- to person. -Sheetal D

Just give sound healing a try and you will, without a doubt, witness the refreshing and therapeutic effects of this beautiful gift Prajakta is sharing with all! -Shreya C

If you are looking for a Physical Therapist with a holistic approach and your highest good as the intention, then Prajakta Joshi is the person you are looking for. I have been to Prajakta for sound therapy and in a few sessions, she has equipped me with homework exercises and the sound therapy has made me feel balanced and calm. I felt I could hear better. Our body, mind and soul put together makes us a human being. Prajakta has a complete package of treatment for all of these, so healing feels complete. - Sushma S

I loved sound healing with Prajakta. She was knowledgeable and friendly. She put me at ease and guided me through the process. - Benita A

Prajakta is true and honest healer. I went to her for my knee problem. She diagnosed correctly and treated me using trigger point therapy. My pain was almost gone and I started my routine activities. She also did sound therapy at that time. It was very soothing and relaxing. She puts all her intension in her therapy. And of course client forgets the pain with her touch and sounds of all the sound instruments she uses.- Mihika P.

For Physical therapy reviews please visit us @ or visit google page .

Prajakta is licensed Physical Therapist in state of NC.  

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