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I accept what is offered!

All positive and negative experiences can be tool for growth. Yet to grow, the first step is to see the truth as it is and to accept the truth as it is. Acceptance can be easy if we flow with gratitude for what is given. Acceptance can be hard if we struggle with fear. The question to ask when we have difficulty to accept is what are we scared of? Acceptance grounds us to reality. Just like plant needs strong roots to grow , we need emotion of acceptance to grow, to evolve and to find our unique identity.

Here are some wellness tools that has helped me with the same!

Affirmations during meditation:

  1. I am safe and supported. I am open to what is being offered

  2. I accept myself just the way I am now

  3. I am enough

  4. I am at peace and I love myself unconditionally

  5. I accept myself with love and I am ready to grow from that point

Essential Oil blend for Acceptance

For me, Aromatherapy has worked wonders when I am trying to shift my emotions. I feel this is my way to connect with nature. And nature always nurtures me. When I ask for guidance from my higher self, I received following suggestions as a blend in diffuser.

  1. Clary Sage (2-3 drops)

  2. Thyme ( 5-6 drops)

  3. Sandalwood ( 2-3 drops)

  4. Ylang-Ylang ( 2-3 drops)

  5. Blue Tansy ( 2-3 drops)

Clary sage helps to open sixth chakra ( 3rd eye) and it helps me see things as they are. It helps me gain bird eye view of the situation.

Thyme helps with acceptance by removing my egoistic barrier. It helps me de-stress and with its slightly pungent aroma I am alert and focus.

Sandalwood calms the nerves. It helps with mindfulness mediation where I work on self-acceptance. Chanting acceptance affirmations during meditation makes it a powerful tool in my wellness toolbox.

Ylang-ylang works great for me to release my fears. It brings ease to my frustrated, stressed or anxious mind and I move into acceptance. Btw.. this is one of my most loved Aroma. I sometimes use it just as a perfume.

Blue Tansy encourages me to accept things as they are. It also move me towards action as a next step.

I add these oils in diffuser to create a unique aroma and meditate. A beautiful way to get higher guidance.


I use high quality essential oils and my two favorite brands are Doterra and Revive. I am DoTerra certified essential oil specialist.

For me, essential oils have never caused any allergic reaction. However each person is different.

Check for allergic reactions before using essential oils. If any adverse reaction occurs then discontinue use immediately. Reach out to your physician if and as needed.

I love to make my unique combinations of essential oil blends. Its a creative process . You can try this combination given above and see how you feel. Or you can create your own magic with guidance from your own intuition. Enjoy the process!


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