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Akashic Records-How can they benefit us!

Hello and Welcome to Leverage Soul!

I am happy to invite you to understand your Akashic Record wisdom.

My aim in Leverage-Soul is to resolve your complex problems by addressing their soul-level root cause and to bring immense clarity and awareness to you.

Not only that, I want to empower you with an action-plan that brings real life change.

So here I ask you,

Are you suffering from physical, emotional and mental dysfunction and are you looking for a practical yet holistic way to resolve these issues?

Are you striving for clarity in your career, in difficult situations that life offers or in your relationships with an intention to bring harmony, prosperity and peace?

Are you looking forward to experience each day to its fullest and to live your life purpose through every day actions by knowing your life lessons and life assignments that your soul has chosen before it's incarnation?

With my Soul-aligned transformational work you will find answers to these questions by understanding your soul's Akashic record wisdom that is unique for you!

By addressing the very root-cause of your problems, you will be empowered with an action plan that is perfect for you.

Also, even if you are not suffering, these are still perfect sessions for those of you who wants to expediate a process of self-realization and who want to bring abundance by being proactive.

​So if you are ready, then its time to leverage your Akashic record wisdom for your Soul-aligned transformation. This work is uniquely catered for you as we deep dive into your soul's matrix. Here you will find an embedded wisdom of your Akashic Records, your very personal karmic library. Not only that, your own higher self and spirit guides will help you immensely. They carry your Karmic wisdom from all of your lifetimes and has non-egoistic perspective. We will include their perspective in our readings as well.

I am aware that you may have already tried all the cookie-cutter transformational wisdom that comes from Google, books, courses, webinars, spiritual retreats and even from people who are experts in mind and emotional field. Yet things may not be clear for you and those recommended action steps hadn't work to the extent that is promised. I think now it's time for you to explore this Akashic Record realm. And I assure you, you are at right place!

I promise you that Akashic record wisdom that you will get from your sessions is powerful, deeply revealing and definitely unique just like your soul and its karmic path. A raw objective truth of Karmic patterns (action-consequence scenarios) that you have created from lifetime to lifetime that are blocking you will bring such an immense awareness that you will evaluate your actions and try to re-align yourself. You will understand your life purpose along the way and why your soul chose the current bothersome life experiences. Also, you will get the roadmap to bring things in alignment to your divine soul blueprint. The recommended action steps are completely practical. The session also involves clearing work which brings energetic boost. All you have to bring on the table is commitment to take actions.

What I offer is not a spiritual escapism or some positive affirmations just to feel good. Feeling is subjective and to "feel happy" we don't have to change our physical circumstances. The karma happens with actions that we choose or not choose to take. You are always 100% responsible for your own Karma.

Karma is acted with "free will". Therefore, transformation is also a well planned strategic work where you invest your time and energy to transform. It is not a magic. What I will provide you during session is a unique road-map that is aligned with your unique soul, its purpose, it's strengths and specializations and with all its learnings from life's experiences.

It's a Soul level, higher dimensional conscious awareness- your higher self's perspective. The session will unveil your true authentic self.

Are you ready for this transformation?

I am advanced certified Akashic Record reader. I am transformational expert for all those who seek clarity from a lens of your soul. This work is powerful way to connect with your divine soul-blueprint. With years of training and practicing Physical therapy, and also trained Sound therapist and Reiki master, I bring a very grounded yet energetic holistic approach for you.

My Akashic Record Soul profile reading provides you your Soul's origination information; explains you your divine soul blueprint and gives you your Soul's gifts and specializations and also bring the awareness about how you activate abundance through your Soul-aligned actions. This Soul-Profile session can be a perfect session if you want to gift it to your family and friends as well.

In my Soul-realignment session ( the most sought after session), I provide you all the information that comes in soul-profile session. Along with that, the session brings awareness about your karmic patterns that are in misalignment. It will give you information about your present and past life blocks and restrictions that can be easily changed by you with a soul-aligned action plan. This is most powerful information that will expand your understanding about why things happened, even those that you cannot explain. I do clearing work after this session with you and can install energetic vectors for you if you desire ( Clearing work and energy vectors are included within session).

In my Soul Manifestation session, I will uncover how your Soul manifests desired outcome in all areas of life. This is perfect session for you if you want to attract correct experiences and people in life to manifest your third dimensional experiences aligned with your divinity.

My another sought after session is Career alignment where I can help people who want to choose soul-aligned career path from the start where you can prosper from get-go. This is also perfect session for those who have difficulties in their career path or who are looking for a different career path. Excellent session to combine benefits of all of the above sessions along with spirit guide awareness that are oriented towards career and work-life balance.

Akashic Records has transformed my clients lives in a very positive way. It has brought awareness, clarity, empowerment and transformation so that they can create their own Soul-aligned path using their free-will.

I am happy to be part of this journey with you! I am looking forward to work with you!

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