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At Quantum Level of Awareness, Quantum Holographic Principle Apply which is self Organizing, interconnected, Conscious and Holistic system. ( Book Reference Quantum DNA Healing Althea S.Hawks)

We all know that allergic conditions have become prevalent in United States.

Here is a Quantum Link one can derive from following Quantum Principles.

Let me take a simple example of us as humans collectively using herbicides and pesticides on plants and it's possible Quantum Connection to Allergies.

As we all know Allergy can present itself with breathing patterns such as runny nose.

It may have Quantum Connection to e.g busy life or rushed way of living leading to ignorance towards what is right for environment including plants and animals; or ignorance towards what is right for air quality due to complex chemical composition that is not in alignment with simple organic nature.

Quantum ways of being are organic as holistic systems derive it's healing from simplicity in thoughts and actions.

E.g. we feel rushed to complete task and we start breathing Shallow. Similarly, we as collective human behaviour may be ignoring plant health while making convinient life choices for ourselves while rushing through a day.

The inability to breath properly due to lack of resting and peaceful mind ( multitasking, having busy calendar for ignorant activities such as unnecessary meetings and parties) can lead to ignorant behaviour such as we not taking care of plants.

Ignorant behaviour can lead to we using herbicides and pesticides as a quick fix for simple organic solutions such as planting organic gardens for healing of future generations by healing soil microbiome.

Plants are innocent and compassionate beings of existence in Quantum sense of world.

Elemental nature of soil and water along with healthy amount of sunshine is a must to feed such compassionate and innocent species as plants.

As, we as a collective Human behaviour, are ignoring such a fundamental way of expression towards innocence, at Quantum state of existence this reverberates following Quantum Principle of entanglement and self arranging principle of Quantum Holography.

Quantum Principle of Entanglement understands that we all at All level of life ( from microscopic to macroscopic) are entangled.

When we as a human behaviour are affecting plant cells, human cells can respond with autoimmune conditions as Eczema and allergies as well.

Quantum Holographic principle of Self organizing systems comes in place as it wants the system to be Healing for ALL.

In a linear sense, our ignorant behaviour , such as this behaviour towards plant life, may have a effect of unhealthy air quality that not only affect plants but also soil, water and human cells as well. children with smaller body mass index may apply there own fighting mechanism as a consequence in the form of allergic reaction.

However, when a DNA codes of Quantum Holographic Non Locality and Self arranging principles are applied along with Quantum entanglement; such simple and linear mechanism of taking allergic medications would be non effective.

Collective human behaviour holds responsibility for such acts at greater proportion as just correct behaviour of few won't suffice to heal such trauma or atrocity towards human DNA of Future Generations.

Therefore, with a condition as "survival of fittest" as a prototype of human species survival which depends on healthy DNA itself; a DisEase condition or conditions may fall upon Humans as a collective, to correct our collective behavioural pattern of ignorance, dominance and suppression of right and innocence.

Therefore, if you or your loved ones are suffering from Auto Immune conditions or Allergic Conditions; and if regular medical and holistic treatment options are not giving you any relief then the condition is Quantum DisEase manifestation.

Therefore, in Quantum MultiDisciplinary Alignment system; only assessment is possible. As a resolution of DisEase state of existence depends on collective corrective action

by ether at an individual

or at a community level

or depending on one's position in the society such as policy maker, at level of country at large.

However, once we understand what exactly needs to happen then we atleast have clarity of the situation and our own ability to contribute towards Goodness and Healing for Collective.

This exact clarity can only be provided by one's own DNA system.

Dominance of unhealthy traits such as a rushed lifestyle supresses the innocent future genetic traits leading to harm and destruction of Others is a generalized understanding that is expressed here.

Since Quantum system of existence is Holistic, conscious state of being; such behaviour is not tolerated and may return in the form of DisEase state of existence to whom it belongs.

Therefore, in Quantum MultiDisciplinary Visualization; one can see through their own visualization, what actions need to happen on their end to heal or atleast address their condition for betterment of humanity at large.

In a collective sense, Allergic and AutoImmune conditions can arise in such a way and to such an extent that needs collective attention to resolve trauma that our collective human behaviour is triggering at Human DNA level.

And the responsibility lay in the hands of those who are involved or are responsible to invoke such actions by using their skills and experiences in right directions.

Quantum Principles of Entanglement, Quantum Holographic self organization Principle

Collective Behaviour Effects due to collective Wrong Action:

Increase in Allergic and Auto Immune Conditions that will not resolve with medical or holistic help at Individual level due to need for Collective to change in Right direction

Manifestation Strategy:

Self Organizing Quantum Tunneling

Quantum Entanglement

Need of Change:

Correct Ethical and Moral Behaviour towards future Human DNA by ALL

Quantum Mechanics to Resolve:

Personal, collective change in right direction according to one's status which may include spectrum of change at Individual level to Nation wide Policies and Procedures changed towards what is Right.

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