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Are you open to experience Akashic?

Yesterday my son came home from school and shared with me something very interesting. They are learning in school that how some people are looking at bugs as a next food source. This information was very difficult for me to digest and I cringed. Yet, when I looked at my son, he was very curious about this information and was more interested in finding out why people are looking for extra food sources and how it may work. He was open to believe something that for me was a complete impossibility.

Just like me in the above example, sometimes we all have some fixed believes and viewpoints about the way world works. Something that has happened in past and is happening in present in our day to day life feels like a only possible reality. It requires curiosity and open mindset to experience new things. After experiencing them we can decide if they are for us or not.

Similarly, if you want to experience Akashic Record wisdom, you have to open to see it as a possibility. For me, its absolute truth as I experience it everyday and its a place of spirituality which offers a peace ,healing and wisdom .

I am happy to say that it is not something that is reserved for mystics and hardcore Yogis. The wisdom is available to all of us. Ask and you shall receive.

When I listen to stand up comedians such as Jim Gaffigan, I experience another feeling of sweet ignorance. Most of the times he is saying something that I can totally relate and has happened so many times in my own life. Yet when he points out those dysfunctional behaviors, I laugh. Its not that I don't experience them, it's just that he makes me aware and points them out in most hilarious way.

Similarly, having spiritual intuitive experiences is just a part of life that most of us are not aware of. Unless someone points them out, they are hidden in our subconscious. Our spirit guides, our divine guidance is always there with us. We just have to be open to experience them. Once you know yourself at soul level and I highly recommend you do, you will start understanding how you can truly thrive. How you feel about your soul-aligned purpose. With this immense awareness, you want to do things that are authentic for you. Yet if you are unaware, it is difficult to tap into your own spiritual potential. This is where Akashic record session can be of big help.

Now lets look at innovators. These people look around and see the "need". See something that needs to change to make our lives better. A person that came up with, lets say, seat belts had so much awareness to make cars safe to drive, he/she not only just thought about it but was actually able to take much needed action. That person saw the need for safety and found out solution. Unlike innovators, most people ether not able to think about or convert thinking into action steps. They accept what appeared as reality as reality without exploring further.

We are innovators of our own lives. Just like innovators, sometimes there is just absolute need- a need for change, a need for growth, a need for meaning. And to understand our path we need to explore and take actions. Akashic records has so much wisdom to offer to fulfill these soul level needs. As our soul wants to experience itself through our actions. Once you start exploring this divinity within you, it is hard to resist its wisdom. Soul thrives in the experiences that it gets with Soul-aligned actions.

I would love to be your companion in this spiritual journey! Go to my website at and book an appointment! Soul-Realignment session would give you in-depth knowledge about your Soul's DNA, it's nature and what nurtures it. It will also give you analysis of different blocks and restrictions that are blocking you to experience and express your divinity!

May the Akasha be always with you!

Love and Light,



Leverage Soul and Sound©

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