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Chaotic and Sweet

Order and precision has always been applauded in our society. Discipline has its own value.

Yet, when we put discipline in forefront of our spiritual journey, chaos unfolds.

Situations arrive that one cannot control with Will and logic. Surrendering to chaos and accepting things as they are is the only solution.

When this surrender happens, we start seeing a paths forward. It may be impossible to resolve chaos with just one path.

Different paths present themselves. No path is inherently right or wrong. It’s just a path.

We generally choose one to calm our minds. What I would recommend in such cases is truly get tuned in to our most authentic desire.

If we suppress our authenticity, we may meet chaotic situations again and again. As soul desires higher vibrations that comes from authentic expression.

Lots of societal norms may go against authentic expression. We may value ourselves more for choosing one path over other as we are attached to “ feeling good about ourselves “. But soul doesn’t rest in such dim light .

It has no attachment to this earthly manipulations. It wants to evolve.

In such cases I would highly recommend acting through utmost authenticity towards ourselves and others. “Truth” has tremendous value. When truth is accompanied by self-compassion and positive self-worth there is no karmic entanglement.

I am true believer that God loves this authenticity. There is no manipulation in spiritual realm. Even white lies are frowned upon.

Besides , with authenticity, the number of paths narrow down to one clear path. This is where most of our Karmic baggage lies. This is where relationships that need to be resolved come in forefront. If we resolve those , we are closer to Divine.

What we need in these moments is courage. At the end , we may have made the biggest mistake in our life. Yet, our soul is vibrating at much higher level as we didn’t put drama and show of inauthenticity.

Our karmic footprint is less. We are closer to God. One day, I am sure, we will be immensely grateful to chaos! #chaos #personaltransformation

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