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Each action taken from resentment leads to chaos and confusion.

When we start making others responsible for our experiences, chaos ensues.

We truly would never know what happened in this or past life of us and others to make us and others behave the way we all do.

In every step of the way, a reminder needs to be in place that we would never know complete truth.

How much we try to investigate, truth seems to get lost. In such state, only one line of action remains…Compassion!

Lots of time we hold grudges and hurt ourselves more.

Ultimate peace comes when we learn to say “ it is what it is”.

This is where compassionate , loving and caring people become uplifters of the society.

These people teach us to stay calm and stable in every situation.

In such stable state of mind, we understand that no one is truly at fault, we learn to forgive.

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