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One thing people need to know to harmonize their relationship with teenagers

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

...Build relationship with this essential awareness

As a parent, we are striving for our kids to achieve their highest potential. We feel its our responsibility to provide them with healthy and purposeful life. We do take steps in this regard by giving our kids with loving environment. We offer them best educational opportunities and encourage them to be all rounders by getting them involved in cocurricular activities. We provide them support to the best of our abilities.

And yet, during the teenage years, something changes. Our little ones become strangers of sorts, expressing their strong opinions. They, somehow, start trusting their friends more and start spending more and more time with them. They sometimes become arrogant while sometimes submissive, fearful and anxious.

We fear that we are loosing our sanity and this beautiful bond that we had with them is getting lost in translation. We take refuge to Google seeking knowledge about why whatever is happening and try to find the cause and solution of this conundrum. We may blame the situation to hormonal changes, our kids increase sense of self to the point of arrogance; or we may point fingers at social media, friends and sometimes even educational system. In the meantime, we start questioning our own parenting style and feel guilty about even the smallest mistakes. And all this can lead to a whirlwind of emotional upheaval.

Mental health providers can be a great resource in times like this where they can provide you with much mental and emotional support and give significant strategies to help you navigate such complicated times. They may even help your kids understand themselves at emotional and mental level. Yet sometimes, even after years of therapy, things may not feel in alignment.

Then, as a parent, we start searching answers by reaching out to spiritual practices such as Yoga and meditation, horoscope reading, mantra chanting and praying to God to help us!

And some of us, for better or for worse, may even prefer to just follow "wait and watch" strategy leaving everything up to the time-almost to the point of ignorance leading to abdication of our parental responsibility.

If any of these methods have worked for you and has given you mental peace and striving beautiful relationship ties with your teenagers then that is beautiful. I am happy for you! Yet, if you are still looking for solution that can answer most of your questions by reaching to the root of the problem then you are at right place.

There is one solution that reaches to the root cause of the problem. This path is path of understanding oneself at soul level- a level beyond the physical, emotional and mental level. It is level of understanding from spiritual perspective. It is connecting he/she to their higher self. It is level of bird eye view where we leave our ego self behind and try to go deeper into karmic patterns. This level of action-consequence Karmic pattern is non-judgmental level which is objective yet illuminating. And to reach to this level, we need to read Akashic Records of your teenager.

This Soul-level understanding can be extremely useful to understand why your teenager is inclined towards certain career choices, why his/her behavior may not be in alignment with what society and etiquettes dictate. It can also tell us why is there misalignment within your relationship and what you can do about it. It also tells us what is life lessons behind these dissonant experiences for your teenager and you. It unfolds stories about what has happened to your teen in past and present life and why the connection is showing up at this time. It teaches you about how your teen and you can avoid certain karmic patterns to avoid making same karmic mistakes.

We all come to life as spiritual beings with our soul- our divine higher self- residing within this body. Each of our us has unique strengths and specializations at soul level. Our soul come to life with it's chosen path to learn and understand things to grow. We also has some karmic baggage that we all have got from our past lives and current life. The importance of resolving these karmic patterns and not repeating same mistakes become essential. Once we do that and start walking on our soul-aligned path, the energetic shift happens. This path is easy for us to take as it acts in accordance with our soul-strengths. All that we attract in this life is exactly according to our soul vibrational level. When our actions are soul aligned , we change our soul vibrations to higher level. We manifest passionately with a spiritual understanding and desire for inner harmony. With such beautiful desire we find balance between relationship- including parent-child relationship. This leads to non-judgemental and more accepting way of living with "better standards at spiritual level".

Akashic Records is a great tool to understand ourselves and our teens at soul level. Akashic records help us understand soul strengths and soul specializations. It is also one of the best ways to understand misaligned karmic patterns, dysfunctional aspects of our strengths that our teens and us may be engaged in. With such soul level information, we as parents, get immense awareness. Our teens can understand why they are feeling the things that they are. With this immense awareness, we can choose to take different actions. Our teens can feel empowered to act authentically. The sound meditation at the end of Akashic record session is also a very powerful way to shift vibrationally. With Akashic records blocks and restriction clearing, a new perspective will be born within you and within your teen. Always, the intent is to achieve their highest well-being!

There is another huge benefit to participate in Akashic Record reading session (Soul re-alignment) and that is understanding career path. by regaining understanding about ourselves at soul level we understand what we are really good at. Now we can look at different career choices and analyze what career path is best