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Control or Love ? What will you choose

Updated: Feb 28

Each experience has potential to bring us closer to our authentic self. This is where we find true love!

Societal rules, personal ego games, unhealthy attachments and detachments are all on one side and our authenticity and ability to surrender to true love is on the other side.

Each comes with its own challenges.

If we let go of the control then peace , compassion, understanding, ecstasy and deeper connection will be gifted.

If we chose control then the whole life may become an inauthentic expression of ourselves.

Yet, letting go of control is the biggest challenge.

What will we choose then?

True love that comes with authentic expression or Control, where we are controlling each and every aspect of our life.

Universe is calling!

Choice is ours!


Leverage Soul and Sound

#truth #authenticity #truelove #controlling #manipulation #ego #surrender #spirituality #leveragesoul #leveragesoulandsound

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