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Correct Mindset while approaching Akashic Record Reading session

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Here is a mindset to bring to the table while having Akashic Record Reading session.

  1. New actions create new results: Karmically.

During Akashic Record reading session, you will get in-depth awareness regarding how your soul works. Your Soul profile will give you action plan that is in alignment to receive maximum divine source energy. You will feel purposeful and driven. However, just being aware without taking new actions won't bring much change in your life. To bring desired change you have to be willing to take new Soul-aligned consistent actions. And that takes efforts. It also takes determination. "Thinking" is fourth dimensional activity that is easy to do. Taking actions can be difficult especially if they are different than what you have been doing so far. Therefore action oriented mindset is essential to bring on the table.

However, that doesn't mean you have to drastically change anything in your life right away. The pace of change and to change or not to change is all up to you. So here is next aspect of essential mindset.

2. Time and your own pace

Time is not linear concept in Akashic records. Therefore, once I deliver your records / your soul level and karmic patterns information to you; then its up to you when to implement the new action plan. Most of my clients are driven to bring the change and they start implementing it right away. The clearing work that I do at the end of the session with my clients and then the given homework if followed by client, will also bring immense energetic boost. However, for some people, they want to take things easily. Or maybe some parts of their daily lives just won't have wiggle room to change. And that is fine. The best part is that you will have recording of your session that you can listen to anytime ( in you life). Some clients, who are already on path of re-aligning to their soul blueprint finds it very easy to make a shift. You are your own creator. Here is where I want you to bring third essential mindset to the session.

3. Non Judgement

Sometimes its very difficult for people to love themselves unconditionally. It is a fact for most that they are their worst critics. While I deliver session where I discuss Karmic blocks and restriction, clients realize their own Karmic patterns that are blocking them. They may start criticizing themselves. Also, some other things may come up regarding other people in their life that has caused my clients to misalign. Some clients also feel bad that they can not implement changes right away and feel like they are procrastinating. In all these cases, the best mindset to bring is mindset of non-judgement. Please do not judge yourself and others as all of us try to do best in given situation. You can look at these non serving patterns as learning lessons. Besides being judgmental towards self or others is very disempowering. And it does not produce new results through purpose and inner power. Here is where I want you to bring fourth essential mindset to the session.

4. Free-Will

Free-will is the best gift we have got as humans in this earth plane. Now, more than ever before, we can use our free-will to create change. I always tell my clients that even if I am telling them action plan ( of course by me, I mean by guidance from client's own higher self, his/her spirit guides and Akashic guides), it is up to them, 100%, what actions to take and when to take those. With ability to take Soul-aligned actions comes power and with power comes responsibility. You are creator of your own life and to walk on the path or not is also your choice! It does not matter at what stage of life you are you there will be some things that will be always in your hands.

-Love and Light


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