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Decluttering and Soulful Living

Your Home is an energetic entity!

To declutter it physically and energetically is a beautiful way to make it happy. You will be friends with your home and it will align itself to your divine soul blueprint! This truly create a very soulful harmonious experience for you and your loved ones!

Visit @ to book an appointment for Property Clearing !

Who Benefits from property clearing session?

A highly recommended session for new home ( or Business) buyers, for people who have difficulty selling homes or if someone has a feeling that the house is just not "right" for them. If someone is not getting the peace and happiness or has faced difficulties after purchasing a particular property then this is a right session for them as well. 

This session includes property clearing of both residential and commercial property. You can schedule this session if you are "Owner" of the property. Each property is an energetic entity. It can get affected by multiple blocks and restrictions such as negative thought forms, earthbound or destructive souls, anger spears and any such energies can affect property and its inhabitants.

Once I get permission to clear property by owner, I go in Akashic records of the property, find exactly what is affecting property and then inform the Owner energetic analysis . After bringing the problem in the consciousness of the owner by discussing the findings, I do energetic clearing of all negative blocks and restrictions of that property in Akashic records and perform sound and Reiki healing meditation with an intent to bring peace and prosperity. The actual discussion is ~ 15-30 mins and then it takes me about 30 mins to clear the records along with meditation.

For in-person session, please contact me for details!

Guidance towards "Decluttering physical stuff" will be given upon request and are not included as a part of this session.

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