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We all have desires! Some have desire to achieve money and fame; some desire to excel in their careers while others have sensual desires.

Some of us even have desire to not make any Karmic mistakes and be spiritual warriors. All of us have desires. Desires is the reason why we incarnate.

As per scriptures, we die with desires and to fulfill those we take next birth. Letting go of them is very hard.

Actually the more we supress our desires , the more they haunt us. Suppression doen't work.. for most.

What may work is exhaustion. We embrace what we desire ( a good ethical and moral code may come in handy to not create unnecessary karmic entanglements). We experience it to the point of exhaustion. And at one point we say.. OK ... That's enough. I am ready to move on.

This is where we liberate. We liberate with detachament.

I feel their is one desire that we never liberate from though. And that is of connection to "unconditional love"!

This desire to devote and love someone or something may not need letting go.

A mother can eternally ( or till the end of her life) love her chiild, a scientist can work on experiment without attaching to the outcome yet enjoy the process and also the struggle with open arms, an artist can enjoy his creative expression unconditionally and just being in that creative state can give him/her a feeling of ecstasy.

Such is a state needs complete devotion and unconditionality.

We can experience similar state when we are devoted to Divine and our work is aligned with his cause.

I personally feel Divine is this energy of Unconditional Love! Once we have desire to serve and devote ourselves to Divine , we attain highest form of desire. This is stated in Bhagvadgita.

This divine energy can be expressed in many forms. Through religion we know one form of devotion to God defined by scriptures. However, Divine expresses itself in so many ways.

Personally, I feel, we all are his creation and it is situated and expressing itself in everything.

Once we understand this we stop comparing . We stop categorizing everything in "Good or Bad, Right or wrong". We start loving everything and everyone just the way they are. We start devoting ourselves to life and everything it presents. I feel mindfulness practices evolve through this understanding.

So let's embrace all of our desires. Let's experience them till the point of exhaustion & Let's liberate ourselves in the process.


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