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Divine Source Energy/ God energy from Energetic Perspective!

It feels beyond belief that a person like me coming from hard core science background evolved towards secular spirituality with such an ease.

Yet, the science part of me like to define everything from energy perspective. That is exactly what I do in my work with my clients as well.

All of us come from different cultures and religious believes. We have our own set of spiritual experiences. And some of us can even be atheist.

Yet all of us are part of this universe. Growing and evolving in our own peaceful state.

I believe one of the main goals of spirituality is to come to this inner state of peace and compassionate connection with others.

This is why I try to illustrate this state by calling it divine energy/ God energy.

I believe God is “energy of Unconditional Love, purity and peace”. I have also learned from my teacher that it is also energy of divine wisdom , divine power, divine bliss and divine happiness/state of Joy are also part of this energy. Therefore when I say Divine source energy/ God energy , this is what it represents. When I ask my clients to imagine this God energy/ divine source energy , I give them

encouragement to feel, visualize and experience this energy that is in alignment with their religious , cultural and experiential beliefs.

sometimes I make my clients visualize light energy or even give them beautiful examples from nature. Sometimes I create a visual feast of complimenting vision that intutively comes in mind.

I feel very comfortable and confident about defining spiritual realm with these harmonizing tools.

For me, spiritual energy is powerful healing and harmonizing tool. It’s compassionate and unconditional and works with everyone with equal healing compassion if given permission by client with their free-will.

Fir me, when I work with my clients with pain issues or stress issues or even in meditations d Akashic Record readings, this divine source energy shows it’s healing nature with ease and gentleness.

I personally like to adapt to such spiritual experience as it aligns with my scientific background as well. Also In this way I don’t hurt anyone’s personal beliefs. After all being compassionate is more important and aligned for my values and for Leverage Soul and Sound‘s values.

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