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Causes of Endometriosis in Teenager and Explored Quantum Connections with QMAT

Updated: Feb 3

#QMA Case Example Teenager 

Nineteen Year old Client was suffering from low back pain for 5 years. Client suffered from symptoms of low back pain, lower abdominal pain, painful intercourse, irregular periods and bloating.

The client had undergone regular medical treatments, which only exacerbated her symptoms. Unfortunately, the use of medication resulted in the development of acid reflux, and she now regret the time lost going from one doctor to another.

During the QMAT session, causes of endometriosis in teenager were explored.

The client was able to gain insight into her medical condition and comprehend its karmic connections through visualization.

Client was able to see for herself what is causing pain while in completely conscious meditative state.

This is what was Presented:

Visualization Clue 1:

Restrictive layer of interlocking fibers is causing inflammation( red color presentation) at the myofascial tissue level. This visualization triggered her low back symptoms.

Visualization Clue 2:

A distressing image of her partner with another woman. Upon further Visualization, she concluded that her partner was thinking of someone else during their intimate moments. This is when she felt pain around her lower part of the abdomen.

Visualization Clue 3:

Picture of her distant friend and her daughter was seen. She was involved with her distant friend’s husband and energetically felt a connection with her child.

Visualization Clue 4:

The alleviation of symptoms can be achieved by maintaining an intimate relationship with the person she genuinely loves.

Visualization Clue 5:

Fibroid like structure in the uterus.

Visualization Clue 6:

Fibroid represents the inability to gain control over her personal life and feeling obligated to serve her partner.

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