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Experiencing Love

Lot of times we say things like “I love myself”! But do we have that inner experience of self-love! To develop this self-love; we need to have sense of contentment.

Self-worth ties close with self-love!

The self-love experience in itself is absolutely amazing.

In twin flame journey or during spiritual awakening stages, you may experience deep sense of loss, rejection or fear. These are all triggers that one has experienced in past lives.

Once one by one we really have to face these triggers, we start understanding our true self worth.

We understand that, how much ever we try, there are no guarantees that others will always love us or accept us just the way we are.

However, one can always love oneself!

The beauty of this experiment is that we won’t build walls around us, our heart, instead, we open up to give and receive more love, more acceptance for all.

Judgements slowly falls away. Even feeling charitable has an ego component attach to it. We even have to let go of that.

As this slow or fast ego-death happens, an excruciating experience in my opinion, the soul reveals itself. And at soul level, we are one with divine source which is all loving and compassionate energy.

A sense of confidence, connection and authenticity feels our heart. And once we really experience our self worth, loving self and others becomes very easy.

Life becomes state of flow and we merge into it without efforts!

I love to help my clients go through this amazing inner transformation!

I offer spiritual guidance and energy healing services to unlock past experiences and help them to release energetic blockages so that they can experience their own divine self.

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