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"Focus" Essential Oil blend

I was getting distracted with social media and that was really bothering me. I generally have a to-do-list in mind for a day and completing it gives me great comfort. However, procrastination is my negative polarity. Uncontrolled social media consumption can becomes an easy addiction for me.

The desperate times like these makes me use my skills as being a certified essential oil specialist and wellness enthusiast to create my own essential oil blend just for the needed purpose. My purpose for this blend is to bring back my "focus" to the intended task.

Aroma's of this "Focus" blend are delightful and me writing this blog after couple of hours of my much intended work is definitely a great sign of its success for me.

I use highest quality oils. DoTerra Essential Oils is my most favorite brand and I like to use Revive essential oils as well for all my blends.

For "Focus" here is the combination of oils that I used in a diffuser at my work room :

  1. Arborvitae 5 drops

  2. Vetiver 1-2 drops

  3. Patchouli 1-2 drops

  4. Sandalwood 2 drops

With Arborvitae, my mind becomes calm and thoughts get centered and instead of me bouncing around in social media, I am back to work.

Vetiver grounds me to reality. This grounding in reality is much needed when the distracting energies are coming from my social media binge. Social media can bring illusions where more than few hours can easily get lost. With Vetiver, shifting gears back to work is easy. I feel less touchy even while tackling unpleasant issues and Vetiver brings a feeling of stability and presence with whatever presents at work. I don't use too much though. It can have sedative effects and dozing-off at work is big no-no.

Patchouli brings enhanced focus. It has somewhat strong aroma for me so I generally use only one drop. It has effect of easing worry and it enhances my abilities to take action.

Sandalwood brings a meditative state where my work flows with ease. I am devoted to my work with Sandalwood on my side. Besides, Sandalwood is one of my most favorite aroma especially for its calming and centering benefits.

Ok, I have to admit that whatever I do I have to enjoy the process. Rose hydrosol spray does the trick. Rose essential oil is very expensive and I am saving some money to get it soon but rose hydrosol spray is just as good. I just spray it over my head and it drizzles me with its love. Just a extra touch of joy.

Its not a part of blend but if you can afford Rose essential oil then you can add that to blend.

- FYI for all essential oils and blends that you are planning to use, always do test for allergies/ any unwanted reactions. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur and do check with your physician.

Use best quality brands. And of course use your intuitive process to create your magic.


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