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How can you Re-Align with your Soul?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

In today's world most people do not live in authentic self expression of themselves. Most of us are trying to follow some sort of protocol that society and our culture has provided for us. Sometimes these protocols work and sometimes they don't work. To break this lifelong conditioning ether we have to meditate, learn about our psychology or really start sorting out our experiences. Our Soul always try to teach us our authenticity by creating experiences. Yet this process can be lengthy ( sometimes even many lifetimes) and uncomfortable.

With my Akashic record readings, you can really cut down this complicated and uncomfortable experience. It is not a magic. You will still have to take action and things can get little uncomfortable if you are far away from your divine soul path; yet this awareness is absolutely worth it. You intuitively will know what is right for you. Not only that, your Akashic records will provide you all the information about your non-functioning Karmic pattern.

Lot of times my clients are surprised to see the information that comes from their records. The information is truly eye-opening. Honestly, even I still get surprised while giving them this information that Akashic guides provide me from my client's Akashic records. It almost feels like some spiritual sci-fi movie.

So then the question is what do you do with all this immensely helpful information?

You put it into action. With our reading session, you get awareness.

What actions you take?

You take actions that are Soul-aligned to your Soul.

What does that mean?

Once you understand your Soul's strengths, specializations and its origination characteristics, you know what actions will benefit you. We go in detail about this information in your reading. I also will tell you about your overall life purpose and your soul vibration rate and its meaning. That will also give you more in-depth information.

Also you avoid Karmic patterns that you are engaged in that blocks your progress. We will discuss these Karmic patterns in detail in our readings.

Once you start taking actions that are aligned with your Soul's blueprint, you bring an alignment within you. If you want to accelerate the process of self realization and manifestation then these Akashic record reading sessions can help you with practical, strategic action-plan that is right for you.

You will bring great relationships , great purpose and a non-judgmental lifestyle if you choose to take actions. You are always in charge of your actions in this 3-D world. Actions create Karma. There is no judgement if you walk your old path. Yet all my clients so far start making changes in their life as the lifeforce that flows through them after being Soul-Aligned is very energizing, invigorating and peaceful.


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