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One Effective Holistic Technique to Improve Sleep

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

There can be so many reasons behind the lack of sleep.

Stress, poor sleeping habits, irregular sleep schedule, anxiety-depression and physical pain are just the few.

It can become vicious cycle such as

lack of sleep <-> stress <-> lack of sleep.

There are so many medications and other detailed sleep studies available to help resolve the issue.

However, one of the least discussed and most easy way to find regular sleep rhythm back in life is through Sound Therapy.

Using harmonizing frequencies with Tibetan singing bowls, Gongs, chimes, drum rhythms, tuning forks, and soothing guided meditations can create the deep meditative states that are great for resolving sleep issues. Balancing energy fields around and within us can bring harmonizing mind-body-spirit.

Guided meditation along with sound therapy can lead to decrease stress, decrease anxiety and depression, reduce pain and improve sleep pattern.

Tuning fork therapy involves using specific frequency tuning forks. They release dissonant energies affecting sleep and can bring harmony and peaceful state.

Brainwave entertainment or binaural beats stimulates the brain into a specific state using pulsating sound and encourages brain waves to align with the sound.

Sound therapy helps to reduce mindless thoughts and reduce monkey mind talk and it allows mind to move towards calmer mind states.

Sound therapy/Sound Healing specific benefits

1. It is holistic method that does not involve medications

2. It goes much deeper in energetic analysis and sheds light on meridian and chakra imbalances.

3. Sound therapist can also provides "Sound Homework" after your energetic analysis, that you can do at home. You can continue working and resolving your sleep issue with easy and effective sound therapy solutions.

4. It helps resolves other related causes along with stress such as sound -therapy can help in pain management or it helps to remove energies that are causing disharmonies within us such as hidden sadness, anger or any particular memory affecting us.

5. It is available and equally effective as an online session as well.

With my personal sound healing sessions of Sound Therapy and Sound Therapy+ Reiki, you can find out what chakra imbalances, biofield imbalances and meridian imbalances are present in you and we will balance those back in harmony within our session.

I will give you action plan on how you can resolve these energetic imbalances and what sound equipment you can buy at home that will help you with improved sleep.

With my group sound therapy/sound healing sessions, you can take benefit of online sound therapy in group settings with significantly low price. This can be equally beneficial session where with specific sound frequencies and combinations that I intuitively feel are suitable for the group, will be played in sequence to achieve similar effect. By experiencing these healing vibrations, you will get renewed energy and perspective regarding your healthy body and mind state.

Sleep patterns can be significantly improved if you give Sound healing/Sound Therapy a try. Group Sound healing sessions are conducted online. Sound Therapy sessions are available as in-person and online options.

Please connect with me on or call me @ 919-372-0326 to get further information.

- Praj101

Leverage Soul And Sound

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