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Humanity Earth Environment

Updated: Mar 23

Plastic Pollution Drainage 3/20/2024 Actual Client Case Study Visualization Cues and Interpretation by Client

A. Understanding, Deeper Understanding

B. Clarity

C. Wisdom

D. Knowledge

E. Sense of Peace


Not too much about me but including myself but also for others

Soul's purpose and mission helping myself and people and everyone around me.

Visualization Cues and Client's Interpretation:

A. Bird Flying; Black bird flying in the air. I don't know where it's going but going higher and further away into the sky.

B. The Color Purple. I am getting like purple associated with 3rd eye and crown chakra. Bluish purple and purple.

C. Purple and Blue Flowers that looks like Blue Bonnets.

D. Laying in blue and purple flower fields. What do I see in my mind's eye. "Look with your mind's eye".

E. Hands behind my head, laying on flower bed, looking in the sky, looking at bird.

F. It's interesting I am in nature. Admiring nature in a sense. Sky, birds, trees, just the feeling of the wind & sky & just admiring nature.

Things that I overlooked, I am paying attention now. God's creation.

There is no people around. I am alone but not alone. I am in nature surrounded by (health, vitality, peace?)

G. Relating to bird:- Bird is trying to escape ozone. Bird knows something & wants to get away from earth. I specifically heard "ozone".

H. A picture of "Bubble" and bird leaves the bubble. ( Earth/Ozone = bubble); Bird just leaves the bubble. But instead of bubble popping, it forms jelly like dome.

Bubble is referring myself, soul's individual. It's representing us as individual soul and us together. We are still in the bubble. It's like we can leave bubble too but we haven't. We are still in bubble.

I. It seems like going outside bubble is peaceful, light. Inside heavy. Bird knew something that we don't know. Bird is alone.

J. We know that there is something greater, bigger is outside us. But we are trapped in bubble, Individually and collectively.

K. Use our discernment, mind's eye incorporate with discernment. Bubble is Veil. Created by humanity. Kind of like mechanism.

L. Bubble is life and how we choose to see it. Eventually bubble is going to pop. How we see it or not.

Bubble = Illusions, lies. Things that isn't necessarily true.

M. Context Bubble.

N. We should use our collective energy to help environment and planet as a whole. We are " I am sorry to say" but we are like a disease. And bubble is going to pop because it can only so much it takes.

O. No specific date. Eventually. That's on us. If we continue to do what we are doing now, it will be sooner. If we implement change it will still pop but bearable.

May 3rd 2023, 2027, March 14th, April 3rd -> there is no specific time -> time isn't real.

Say you are riding a bike, if you wear knee pads, you have layer of protection.

1/2 of us collectively want us make change, take actions.

Everyone has to contribute in some way.

No Neutral-> In or Out.

Being Neutral is being Out.

As "Small Steps" -> Shoes. Small Steps better than no steps.

P. Whole bunch of black bird flew by when I opened eyes.

Birds are significant. Ravines, Crows.

Q. "Humanity Earth & Environment" ->Name of the blog

Plastic Pollution Drainage

Drainage -> Ocean -> It's green & disgusting like toilet water.

Recycling is imp. People use more than needed. Extra Trash. Animals died ingesting plastic. That's affecting their DNA. It's not just about us humans.

Plants, animals suffering ->

We are lazy, landfills, trash landfills. Trash sitting in the land & Ocean. causing air pollution.

Earth is beautiful & yet it's Red badly as result of what we are doing.

When Bubble Pops -> Pop of system created by humans. It doesn't work. Long lasting affects That will be here.

R. Earth not cared for as she should. Earth fighting back. Cause & effect -> Natural disaster, floods. Whatever is put in ocean will be spilling back.

S. Pollution is lot worst than what people realize. Pollution not talk enough. Pollution affecting everything. Us, air quality

T. Movie Reference -> Matrix. Picture of Neo wake up from Matrix. Raining acid. Humans not focused on how we are not looking correctly. Technology, not help. Virtual Reality. Oblivious to problem.

U. Bubble Pop -> shift -> healing process to planet. taking care of earth & making it better in our own environment.

V. This is definitely moment for you to reflect on.

W. Bigger Impact -> knowledge, wisdom, environmental Sciences.

Field that u are in & how U go about it. is going to contribute a lot. It's going to help lot of people.

Not a lot of people

Select few acting & showing up & contributing in a good manner.

X. Synchronicities. Pay attention to Synchronicities.

Quantum Property -> Entanglement

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