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Life Path- Soul Choice or otherwise?

Who chooses this life purpose for us?

I believe that we choose our life path and it's purpose. The reason I feel we (without ego) choose life purpose is that I have learned in Akashic Records that there is always guidance that can be given and then we are encouraged to use our own free-will.

In spirit world before incarnation, we review our past lives in a special place. We call this space Akashic Records/energetic database/ energetic library where all our lifetimes are stored in a energetic movie like form. We review them and with help of our guides we decide what we need to learn in next incarnation.

The lessons can be difficult ones where we may have to explore a strategic path in difficult life situations or it can be a fun and peaceful resting life where soul comes to relax and rejuvenate. Soul may also want to sort out justified Karma. By that I mean, a way to learn and evolve from our past life experiences. In any case, in each lifetime we have a beautiful gift of Free-will. No one can ever take that away from us unless we willingly give it away. Free-will is a powerful gift and it comes with responsibility. We create some new Karma by creating new actions with our free will. These new actions decides our future path and future life lessons.

I find spirit world as non-judgmental, safe place where opportunities and continuous support is given for us to reach our own potential. No one will ever want to hurt us or punish us in any way. However, as an energetic being without ego, we know our mistakes and we ourselves at soul level want to correct them. We are moving towards perfection by learning in each lifetime. This is a beautiful experience in itself.

Therefore, when I say a soul-level transformation, I mean, a transformation of ourselves with our own actions that will help us go towards this soul level perfection. Soul-aligned path is also a very unique path for each one of us.

My aim in this guide is to shed some light on the exact meaning and purpose of such "soul-aligned transformation".

In this Soul-aligned transformation guide you will learn what it means when I say "Soul" and what is "Soul aligned path". You will also learn how to find this path with available tool that I have in my "Spiritual Tool-Box". Next I will try to explain the meaning of Soul-aligned transformation. We will also look at benefits of such transformation and areas where such transformation will be truly beneficial. Later we would discuss some case studies.

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