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Love vs Lust

Romantic relationships become difficult to sort when people forget to differentiate between love and lust!

fYI Instead of man and woman I am going to use masculine and feminine aspects to be inclusive!

Most masculine and feminine partners in relationships are stuck in narcissistic-codependency relationships due to energy of lust.

Lust objectifies person.

Lust is an addiction where one is always looking for someone or something more than one’s one true love!

Lust makes one dominates, manipulates or make one act submissive to get what it wants.

Lust can give limited orgasmic experience and most women/feminine partners don’t even get one as their masculine counterpart is not completely devoted to them and uses them just as an object to satisfy.

Most women ( feminine partner) go above and beyond to satisfy their partner to feel accepted, loved or just to keep masculine to herself.

This gives birth to relationship based on weak foundation. Masculine is never satisfied and Feminine is always giving more.

This leads to marriages based on obligations and divorces because of incompatibility or loss of “touch”!

Partners, whatever gender orientation they represent, need to experience unconditional love from their partner along with complete devotion for each other to experience bliss!

Divine masculine strives his best to satisfy divine feminine!

When we understand how “ lust” can disempower us, we start keeping distance from such disempowering energy!

May you all find your “ true love” by you first becoming embodiment of such love itself!

I work with my clients as energy healer and transformational coach to guide them towards this soulful loving journey!

I help my clients through past life regressions and Akashic Records revealing them their own blocks in this area.

If you are looking for your “ true love” then I can help you with my services.

Please visit and refer to my services!

Take care

Love and light


Leverage Soul and Sound









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