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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Change is here

I am seeking it

I put all my gears

And then I hesitate

What if it’s a wrong path

What if it doesn’t work out

I think and think some more

It’s hard to manifest now

The friction pulls me back

And I go in my comfort zone

Same energetic state as before

Where I don’t feel alone

But that’s not what my soul desires

It wants to learn some more

It wants the experiences

And craving starts once more

So here I say to myself

If I truly want to manifest

I want to push ahead

Even when path is uncomfortable

And there are no guarantees

Those never exist anyways

In this human world

Taking actions is what helps

I do have desire to grow

And I feel passionate for the cause

And that’s all it takes

To know that -that is my path

So I am ready now

To push myself through doubt

Yes, it is not comfortable for sure

As I am changing my vibrations now


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