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Meditation Binge

The fault of poor habits Leading to chaotic times When I binged watch Netflix And had sleepless nights

To top that I carried guilt Got headache with pressure tight And never learned a lesson To you know “act right”

Yet an Angel called on the other day “Free Will-use it as you wish” she said Burden of judgement was suddenly gone And somehow that took away Netflix charm

I started meditating as that felt like a challenge First was just me and my monkey mind But as I stayed as if Binging on meditation OMG so many enigmatic things I find

I found Akashic records- the best of these treasures I found Keepers of the light on my side Crystal healing and Reiki gave uplifting push And best part was channeling my own spirit guides

Love and light and universal connection Exploring these dimensions from within A mystery after mystery and not even fiction Meditation is so much better than Netflix binge

Never thought spirituality can also be “thrilling” A ladder to go close to my own inner radiance connecting the dots to understand self Becoming a detective to find divine gradients


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