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Chronic Pain and Procrastination Quantum Connections: QMA Case Study- 3rd February, 2024

Learn from Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment case study how guilt, anger and procrastination is saved in body as a chronic neck and upper and lower back pain.

The client presents with an average daily back pain of 6/10. She has been suffering from back pain for the last 9-10 years. The client has tried a chiropractor and an acupuncture specialist, and also had an X-ray of her back. She said nothing came out that assessment. The client used to play Volleyball from 2006 to 2013. stated that her family relationship with her father and current romantic partner is complicated. She also works at a busy, high-stress job. The client said she has an 8-year-old child. Money stresses her out. She stated she sometimes experiences career burnout. She has procrastinated related to her career, and procrastination also affects her personal life, such as making an appointment.

QMA Visualization cues:

1. Client saw her house. Thought about her grandpa who passed away. Client became emotional and stated that he is a good man. 

2. Client also remembered her Mom's Ex-Boyfriend who she said was a "Good Man.

3. For Client when asked her definition of a " Good Man" she stated someone who is Supportive, patient, and playful.

4. Client saw an eye- she was unsure if it was her eye or eagle eye.

5. She saw side profile eagle eye. She said that eye has sharp look.

6. She stated her own eye is softer and deeper. 

7. Client thought of her brother. She stated that she loves her brother. She wishes that brother will do better. Client stated that Mother enables him. She stated that her mother doesn't holder her brother accountable. Mother enables him to become a person who is not responsible. Client holds others accountable such as her brother responsible. She stated she wants her brother taking care of kids so they become responsible and happier. 

8. Client saw purple color which she said is a relaxation sign. 

9. Client stated that she has negative feelings towards her current boyfriend. She stated that she and her current boyfriend are mismatched. She stated that she will feel better without him. However, she stated that her son sees him as a father and that makes her feel guilty. She also stated there is history of infidelity in the past.

10. Client stated that intimate relationship feels like a chore. 

11. Client saw yellow color that she associated with Jo y. She stated working-out brings out joy in her.​

12.When asked what is her bigger picture , she stated that she wants to heal "broken people". She wants to do spiritual or lightwork. She wants to understand people at soul level. She wants to know why people feel the way they do. She does do astrology study as well.

13. Client stated that cause of pain is her relationship with men.

14. Another cause of pain is guilt and dissatisfaction. 

15. Client saw Liver. Therapist gave her context that liver can store pain. 

16. Another cause of pain came as intimacy. Client stated that when she doesn't want to be intimate and if she still participate then she feels violating herself. Client stated that that is also coming up as a cause of pain. 

17. Client stated she has anger towards her father and her complicated relationship with him. That is also coming up as a cause of pain. 

18. Client stated that procrastination is also coming up as a cause of pain and heaviness. Client stated that procrastination causes back and neck pain and later stated it causes mostly neck pain as if she is carrying weight.

19. Client stated that her child and playing Volleyball makes her happy

20. Client stated she sensed that money causes pain in the form of guilt. Mismanaging money gives her neck and back pain. 

21. Client sensed that she needs to complete Real-estate License.

22. When further asked about what she sense that makes her happy, she stated She feels happy when she is with her Mother and when she goes to church. Spending time with her sister makes her happy, buying a house will make her happy. 

23. She sensed that she can do anything that makes her happy. 

24. Client sensed that her neck pain will resolve if she separates from her current boyfriend.

25. Client sensed that procrastination is painful for her. 

Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain and Lower Back Pain. Chronic Pain and Procrastination.

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