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Oh Self Righteous Self

Oh me and mine

Oh Self righteous self

Are you truly light

As light has no need

To prove itself

My education

My achievements

My goals and dreams

All can be path

To know higher self

Like a resource of a kind

Yet hey self righteous self

You need to understand

That those that you say

Uneducated, unemployed

Or in your definition

Maybe lazy or not kind

Are still divine

Standing in their own light

Figuring there own Karma

And even if they are not indulged

In similar ways as you

Still doesn’t make them

Any less than you

As in this lifetime

They are experiencing something else

And you may choose a lifetime

Or may have already chosen one in the past

That is similar to them

And that does not make you or them -bad or good

These are just experiences to experience and learn

You need to know

At higher self

We all are divine

We all are interconnected

we all are equal

And when this nonjudgmental self flows

When this unconditionally shows

In our acts of being

Something much bigger comes along

And that is love

That is kindness

That is strength in unity

That is higher consciousness

- praj101 ( from the guidance of spirit guides)

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