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Why do we incarnate?

Death is a taboo topic for most and possibility of life after death feels remote to even think for the most. Most of us don't even venture towards this side of life. And yet, I feel compelled to write about this subject.

I encounter at least two lifetimes if not more of my clients when I work in their Akashic Records. There is a link of Karmic pattern that shows up as a carry forward from a lifetime to lifetime that needs correction. It's like our soul is giving us opportunity to correct and straighten up our Karma for us to evolve consciously.

The question remains though about why we take so much efforts lifetime after lifetimes to correct something. What is there to achieve in the process?

Our soul is inherently a student and a teacher. Maybe I am just at the surface of iceberg and there may be a whole new world that exist in between where we visit our "true- home". Yet in my study through records this has become evident that we are here to learn and teach others in the process. There is a whole spiritual guide team who guides us to navigate in life. Our higher self being in-charge, hire these guides to achieve our highest well being. And in return our higher self and these spirit guides learn from us. We show courage to come in this 3D reality as humans and actually take on all experiences that can be happy, neutral or bothersome. Being incarnated is the fastest way for our soul to learn.

I believe that life after death is beautiful, compassionate and non-judgmental. There is no punishment in higher dimensions, in spirit world. Over there, our soul looks at it's life experiences from past lives and decides what it wants to learn further. It decides its path. It decides what experiences it wish to have.

Some of us who are living very unhappy life would wonder why our soul chose experiences that are painful? What is the purpose?

I would like to note three explainable things here:

First is that with difficult life experiences there is exponential trajectory for our soul to learn and change our life to align ourselves to our authentic divinity.

There is also possibility of justified Karma . If we did something in past life to others, encroaching on their free will, then sometimes our soul chooses the experience to empathize with them and learn.

Another possibility is the dance between all of our free wills. We each has our own free will and sometimes other's free will can interfere our life trajectory.

Regardless of all of these possibilities, there is always chance to grow, to increase our conscience.

In Akashic Record readings, we can literally short-cut all these learnings that we may take lifetimes to learn. I love the objective raw truth that records provide without judgement. There is no good or bad, no right or wrong. It is just as-it-is. Its like watching our lifetime movie with focus on where we went wrong so that we can correct those patterns. Understanding our soul's purpose and chosen path before incarnation would be so immensely helpful as well and most of our life lessons revolve around that.

Not only we are students , we are teachers too. As a part of soul group, we incarnate together. We may have close family member, friend, teacher or even colleague that we learn from with easy or difficult experiences - depending on what these two souls decides as a learning lesson prior to incarnation. Each one of us is trying to teach something to other to uplift their experience and understanding. Its a team effort to go ahead together- towards higher dimensions.

Now I understand the meaning of this word- " Nirvana". Why are these mystics and yogis want to end this circle of life and death? Why would they opt to stay in spiritual higher dimensional level? First of all, I believe this is a very peaceful place. Yet, I think there is a bigger purpose. These light beings can exist just in higher dimensions to be a teacher and guide for souls like us who are still in the evolutionary learning process.

And for us as students, it is important to embrace these life experiences and learn and change our actions to align. Align in each lifetime without spiritual escapism. In return, we can meet and be with these divine light beings to guide us in higher planes during our life between lives.


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