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Pain and Suffering

Sometimes we give too much importance to positivity! The whole world feels flowery!

Yet we forget that lotus grows in the mud! Rose has its thorns. And sometimes the most delicate of emotions can be easily withered with slightest storm.

Duality is the nature of the universe. If we give importance to too much positivity, we forget the beauty in pain and suffering. Most of the transformation takes place in the mud filled with thorns.

Each challenge , each suffering has immense value. Let’s not deny these emotions. Embrace them completely. Give space and contemplate. Silence will teach us lot of things.

Meditation gives us this space to feel, to experience, to contemplate. Even though journey is all about going towards light, we cannot leave the dark behind. Embrace dark. Accept vulnerability. Accept defeat. It takes immense courage to do that.

Detach from the drama that is all about goodness and you will find yourself in the darkness filled with unconditional love. That is the power of Goddess Kali!

After all, darkness absorbs all the colors, all the dramas and universe questions us- can we still love?

Do we have that capacity and faith to keep the devotion alive? Do we have courage to embrace all of us?

As divine resides within us in both dark and light!


Leverage Soul and Sound

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