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Like a pale decaying leaf

Swirling deep down

With contemplative agony

Holding so tight to ground

A sad and mad wind

And even shorter days

A comfort in disharmony

With its odd whimsical ways

I stay here for a while

Enjoying this depressing comfort

A contemplative safety

In a dry & a dark humor

And once I rest for a Day

Or Months or Years per say

I grow a little warmer

From colder inner fire

Then blossoms a spring of hope

My soul is ready to explore

So I sprung out of my shadows

To reach towards my source

With a swirling swirls of joy

Friendlier hands holding me tight

I don’t even feel shy

In this happy & colorful sight

Yet in midst of these glorious

Bright and light surroundings

I sense a loss of self

When I step out of my boundaries

So now it’s time to hibernate

Rest is calling me out

I go back to my inner cave

As darker just feels right

This is how cycle circles

With no end in sight

I grow and regress some more

In these cyclical times!


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