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I know change is good for me

I know I am all ready for it

Still there is this unseen resistance

As if something within me dies ..

Even if I know staying the same is unhealthy

I still feel this resistance is mine...

Have you come across something similar

Deep hidden inside you

That is so hard to give away

The suffering says - since you resist

I am here to stay

And I resist this feeling of guilt and shame

I resist this resistance within myself

And the more I resist the more stronger it becomes

I think that’s how this inner resistance works

So here I say- I respect you from within

I observe you objectively as feelings and sensations

Won’t label you as ether good or bad

I will stay with you without any expectations

As a compassionate friend - as an outside observer

And as I observe I see with some clarity

That you may have some higher purpose that’s beyond me to understand

But one thing is for sure

As I surrender and let go

You are no longer resistance

You slowly dissolve into something anew

Empty space with simple awareness

Resistance- where are you my friend

I change my perception and I feel Zen



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