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Compassion in KaliYug

During Quantum Multidisciplinary Alignment Meditation, I was given awareness that self-compassion is a must during these trying times.

During meditation, I realized that everyone may blame themselves as the cause of situation such as death, famine, hunger etc.

It is vital to understand that we all are to some extend or other are responsible.

Therefore, instead of getting stuck in guilt, shame, blame and such low vibrations, it is better to focus on self compassion and being grateful to the opportunity given as a self improvement strategy.

This understanding will bring solutions instead of pessimism.

We all are Atman, which is indestructible, everlasting and pure. We all deserve multiple chances of self improvement. Through this experience we will learn innovation, compassion for self and others, survival skills etc. that will be part of our Akashic Records that will be used by self and others for generations to come.

Om Shanti!

Self Compassion in KaliY

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