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Shadow Self

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Sometimes I laugh when everyone is laughing Or talk fast to chime with others I hide my vulnerability with a guilt inside And show interest to appear attentive And that’s all pretending... I know for sure But it just feels little safe at that moment And so life goes on in a shadow Without feeling all that great What is your shadow self Is it being that party joker To make sure no one knows You have a side that is broken Or is it being sarcastic and edgy While inside you are very shy And you want to appear strong and tough As your soft self has made you cry Or you acting real smart Covering your weakness by being bold Or do you act dumb just to blend in So you can be with popular bunch The light of pretense will drain energies It’s invigorating to be just you.. you know Feel all the good and bad of self Removing shadow makes you complete so you can grow Praj101

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