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Soul Profile-Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record Soul profile session is the most important and foundational session in soul-aligned transformation!

This session is extremely beneficial as it gives us immense clarity of who we are at soul level.

This is pre-requisite session for all other Akashic Record reading sessions.

This session alone can resolve significant issues in life.

Generally, we have learnt cookie-cutter methods about how to live our lives to achieve our goals and to find peace and harmony. Yet most of the times these generalized guidelines never work.

These methods may not bring clarity and transformation that is right for us.

What we need is an individually catered approach that is aligned with our soul's true nature.

Each of us are unique individuals with unique soul strengths and characteristics. These soul- strengths are like our Soul level DNA that we cannot change. We also have specializations that we have learned from lifetime to lifetime and are really good at. Once we leverage our soul characteristics to our advantage, life becomes playground full of purpose, fun and creativity. Life becomes easy.

What works for one individual can actually be an obstacle for other. The generalized method to solve life's complicated problems may bring disharmony and frustration in those whose souls are nudging them to walk a totally different path. This misaligned path is the reason why we suffer from mental health issues, poor lifestyle, inadequate fortunes, complicated relationship dynamics and purposeless wandering and soul searching.

Akashic Record Soul profile session will point to us what steps will take us out of this confused dilemma of what actions to take. This modality is

life changing as it brings immense clarity about who we are and what is our purpose in this life.

So many of my clients stated that what they get is immense clarity and a very different and helpful approach to look at life where they feel empowered to take soul aligned actions. "Aha" moments are very common in my sessions as if these clients find missing puzzle pieces to life's intricate problems.

Once we start walking on this soul aligned path, things unfold for us. We declutter all the self imposed restrictions, relationships and beliefs that are obstructing us and we start aligning to what is right for us. In the process, we attract things that have meaning and purpose for us.

This soul aligned transformation process is the easiest and yet very profound way to live life. It is spiritual and yet based on our own actions and our own awareness. It emphasizes on our free-will and changing ourselves vibrationally by taking actual actions. The beauty of Akashic Records is its ability to be non-judgmental, action based transformation, without any of the spiritual escapism. Once you discover who you are the drama, blame, judgement and shame falls away and we emerge as an authentic empowered souls.

Benefits of Soul Profile Akashic Record Reading session:

  1. Understanding ourselves at soul level by understanding our strength and specializations.

  2. Understanding what actions will work for us and what we need to eliminate to avoid energy draining patterns.

  3. Understand right ways to overcome our fears and mental unease and live an empowered life.

  4. Understanding what spiritual level support we have that will support us with correct soul aligned actions.

  5. Understand what is our primary life lesson and current life lesson.

  6. Understand what is our soul chosen path for this lifetime.

  7. Understand if we are blessed with another source of vital force energy and what we can use it for.

  8. Understand our consciousness level in percentages in different dimensions.

  9. Understand what percentages of energetic exchanges we are doing with others that are draining us.

  10. Understand how we can thrive by taking certain actions and what other actions that we need to stay away from.

This session is right for you if you

  1. want to know who you are at soul level and what is your life purpose.

  2. want to create a beautiful and purposeful life

  3. want to be empowered to take actions to bring correct relationships, financial abundance , mental health balance and harmony.

  4. are ready to take pro-active steps to understand your career path that will give you energy, purpose and immense joy

  5. are suffering from mental health unease and if you want to find solutions reaching root cause of the problem by knowing what actions will benefit you and change energetic dynamic to your favor.

  6. want to bring energetic perspective and vibrational shift in all of your actions and interactions so that you are in alignment with who you truly are at soul level.

  7. are ready to take actions to create soul aligned transformation

If you are ready to know who you are at soul level and transform your life towards soul-aligned path then click below and book your Soul profile session!

After you submit needed information in online booking form, I will be able to go in your Akashic Records and search for your information. My behind the scene research takes ~ 2 hours. The actual session is ~1.5 to 2 hours. I will provide you completing recording of our one on one session f0r you to review and check whenever you want in the future. All the detailed explanation would be given of different concepts so you would know what exactly everything means.

I am looking forward to work with you and be part of your soul aligned transformation!

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