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Tarot and Oracle Card Reading to book a session!

Tarot cards and oracle card readings can be a fun and introspective way to understand why things are happening in our life the way they are and what our angels and Divine guidance wants us to do to achieve our highest potential and wellbeing.

They give us guidance to come in our own spiritual alignment so we attract correct people and situations in our life.

The readings that I provide are for self improvement and empowerment .

I do not use these readings to do exact future predictions ( as future is always fluid). I use it instead to get guidance on possibilities and probabilities of staying on or changing action paths.

The readings are like detective work that me and my clients do together and most of the times it’s a very fun process.

My aim is to always provide spiritual guidance in a fun and unconditionally loving way that rhymes with my clients.

We may look at hidden aspects of our psyche/ our shadow sides to grow at soul level.

Significant action guidance has come through for my clients , actions that they can take , to make their lives better.

I only provide guidance to my client and follow ethical and moral guidelines. I never go in anyone’s energy field /akashic records without one’s consent.

I do provide party packages for in person and online readings or one on one reading.

Go to to know more. Call me @ 919-372-0326 for any further questions.

Having fun and enjoying spiritual journey while growing at soul level is always the aim of all my readings!

lots of love and light


Leverage Soul and Sound therapy