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Transformation with Soul Aligned Path

Hello and Welcome to Leverage Soul and Sound! I am so happy and grateful that you are here. Soul aligned spiritual journey has been beautiful & life transforming for me and it is my wish that you will have similar experience. My intent to send this soul-aligned transformational guide is to give you spiritual yet practical perspective to look at your life through the lens of Akashic Records.

Transformation always happens through action. When I say this guide is a transformational guide, what I am implying here is I want to show you a path that if taken and acted upon will bring much joy & peace in your life.

You will see throughout here that I emphasize importance of action taking and using our own free-will to make desired changes. Even though the perspective is spiritually oriented the application is practical.

My aim is to simplify spirituality and look at things from a lens of Karma.

Let's explore this topic of Soul aligned transformation with a step by step process.

1. What is Soul-aligned Transformation?

2. Who needs Soul-aligned transformation?

3. What are the signs when we are not soul -alignment?

4.What will happen when we become soul Aligned?

5. What is Soul?

6. What are soul strengths and soul specializations?

7. What are Karmic blocks and restrictions?

8. Why we face difficulties? What can we learn from them?

9. What is our soul purpose - Soul chosen path before incarnation

10. What are Akashic Records? How can they help with Soul-aligned transformation?

1. What is Soul Aligned Transformation?

Soul Aligned transformation means using our soul strength and our soul specializations to our advantage and acting more and more like our soul strengths!

At soul level, these strengths are inherent part of us. It is very easy for us to take actions that involves using our own soul- strength. The more we act according to our strengths, the more we attract correct relationships, correct situations and correct opportunities. They are very unique to us.

Soul specializations are also part of us. we have learned these from lifetime to lifetime experiences. And now, we are really good in them.

Once we start acting as per our soul strengths and soul specializations, staying away from dysfunctional aspects of each strength, we transform ourselves into a soul-aligned person. This becomes game changer as acting as per our soul strengths and specializations is a easy play. We don't feel drain or stuck. We feel driven, content and purposeful.

2. Who needs Soul-Aligned Transformation?

Anyone who wants clarity in life. Anyone who wants to walk a path with authenticity, purpose and passion. Any of such people will benefit from this work.

Most of us are walking on a life-path with mainly two underlying emotions behind our actions. These emotions are Love & Fear. When we take actions and act with our emotions then it may have a positive or negative consequences.

In contrast, when we act with our soul's strengths; we act authentically from a much deeper aspect. We know what is right for us and for the community in general. Of course being kind, being loving and generous are beautiful qualities that will suite all the humanity. However, there are some more qualities needed to create the outcome we desire without attracting negative experiences and situations. Therefore, Soul aligned transformation is beneficial to everyone. It is almost like taking out foggy curtain from our eyes and seeing our path/ our purpose crystal clear.

This transformation is especially beneficial for those people who are struggling in life. Someone who does not have clarity about why they are here for? Why they are experiencing struggle and what is reason behind their experiences. Soul aligned path gives a deeper understanding behind these Karmic experiences.

3. What are signs that we are not Soul-Aligned?

When we make choices that are misaligned at soul level, we attract consequences that are also in misalignment. Here are some way you would know that you are not in alignment!

1. Lack of Physical security, feeling of being alone/ feeling of no-belonging.

2. Insisting on maintaining toxic family relationships.

3. Inability to manifest desired goals and outcomes.

5. Disinterest in day to day activity. Not feeling creative or purposeful.

6. Work obsessively yet not feeling satisfied.

7. Low self esteem.

8. Inflated self ego

9. Difficulty with self-love

10. Being critical of self or others.

11. Self-indulgent/ irresponsible behavior

12. Inability to express authentically

13. Insisting on being right/ rigid mindset

14. Lack of in sight, vision, imagination

15. Chronic overthinking/ continuously striving towards goals.

16. Being in a victim mindset

17. Sleep difficulties.

18. Feeling anxious or sad.

19. Being Manipulative/ comparing self to others

20. Difficulty with "letting go"

21. Suffering physical/ emotional / mental discomfort

These are some of the ways we know we are in misalignment.

4. What will happen when we become soul Aligned?

The feeling and sensation of when we walk on our soul aligned path is one of contentment, easy flow of action& time, playful and purposeful. Here are few ways this dynamic and directed feeling will feel like:

-Clarity about purpose

-Sense of being happy, excited and confident with actions

-Content and peaceful

-Thriving in and attracting drama-free and authentic relationships

-Unconditional love and respect towards self and others

-Judgement free lifestyle

-Work-life balance with giving the correct prioritize for that time and skillful actions

-Manifesting effortlessly with passion towards work and purpose

-Evolved understanding of action and consequences

-Empowerment to take actions for one's highest well-being

- Compassionate and inclusive view of the world

5. What is the Soul?

Imagine there is a powerful all knowing, all present energy that we may call as God or Divine source! This energy is present everywhere, in everything! Now to experience itself, through different life experiences, it produces it's own parts /it's own "children" per say. Each of these parts has its own

characteristics, its own personality.

We at soul level are nurtured and taken care of by divine beings until we are ready to walk on our Karmic paths. When we are ready, we want to experience life, learn and evolve. The unmistaken characteristic of each soul is its drive towards it's own perfection. It tries to learn and evolve with each lifetime by giving itself unique challenges. Through experiencing and overcoming these challenges soul evolve. Soul always has free-will and with that the choices it makes will determine its future life lessons. Therefore, the future is always fluid with lot of possibilities and probabilities.

6. What are soul strengths and Soul specializations?

Soul strengths are those characteristics that are innate to our soul, almost like "Soul-DNA". These are not same for all. Each of us is blessed with our own unique strengths that we can feel very ease at.

These characteristics give us guidelines of actions that if taken bring ease and abundance in life. We manifest by attracting correct opportunities and situations. When we don't use our strength then life becomes uphill battle. It is like going against stream where we have to use significant efforts to manifest.

Most successful people are in alignment with their soul strengths. Work is not work for them. They find it joyous and fun filled play or adventure. When you perform any action that is not in alignment with your gifts, you may feel drained energetically.

Just as our soul has its unique strengths, it also has it's own negative polarities and dysfunctional aspects. These aspects can make us misalign. For each soul, they are as unique as soul strengths.

If we as humans get involved in these dysfunctional patterns or not use our soul strengths then we create blocks and restrictions. These restrictive patterns halts our growth. They blocks us from receiving vital force energy. Our life can become pretty strenuous, stressful and unhealthy at physical, emotional and mental level as we are misaligned at soul level.

Soul Specializations are specific characteristics that our soul becomes really good at after particular experiences that our soul receives from different lifetimes. Our soul learn and develop these as specialties of its own. It is easy for us to use these specializations and take actions as we are already good in these actions.

To align ourselves to our soul aligned path, awareness of our soul strengths and specializations becomes crucial to avoid and overcome blocks and restrictions in our life. It is of great benefit to start at this point in our soul evolving journey.

Lets find out what are these blocks and restrictions first and why we face them.

7. What are Karmic blocks and restrictions?

Karmic blocks and restrictions are those action patterns that block us from achieving our authentic potential. When we make choices that are misaligned to our soul strengths and specializations, we attract consequences that are also in misalignment. When we go to dysfunctional aspects of our soul strengths, then also Feeling of being stuck, emotionally and physically drained, taking lot of actions without actually manifesting, attracting wrong circumstances and people again and again in our lives, being without purpose, feeling inauthentic are all examples of how you may feel when you encounter these Karmic blocks and restrictions.

Once these non-serving patterns will come to your awareness, you can choose a different action path and stop self sabotaging yourself.

8. Why do we face difficulties when in misalignment?

As we create Karma with our actions, we (our soul) also have to take responsibility of its consequences.

When we go in misalignment by going away from our divine soul nature we face difficulties.

However, the difficulties and challenges that we face are chosen by our soul itself to learn and grow. It is not a punishment. It is soul's innate desire to perfect itself to go close to God/divine source. Sometimes this Karmic balance can expands lifetime to lifetime.

However, once we bring an awareness within and understand our mistakes and change our actions then we create new Karma. With this soul-aligned actions, we create soul fulfilling consequences.

Soul is part of consciousness that resides within us.

It wants to learn from lifetime experiences, explore and grow to go close to its divinity and in turn be close to divine Source. It wants to reach it's own perfection. To fulfill this desire, soul reincarnates.

9. What is Soul chosen path before incarnation?

Our Soul decides before incarnating what it learns from this lifetime. It can target any particular area of our life where we experience maximum challenges or growth opportunities. This purpose may be an opportunity of soul to learn from past mistakes to correct and align itself as well. Occasionally, our soul may also choose to have difficult situations in life as it want to find solutions for these difficult situations. Through these difficult situations, soul learns different attributes that it wants to develop as a part of learning experience. Not all difficult situations that we face in life are just due to "karma lessons". Some of the situations are soul-chosen for this exact reason -desire for growth. At soul level we all are divine. The ego and the usual earthy problems that we face here, we don't face in the spirit world. The main intent of this journey, is to learn and to grow.

In my own Akashic record experience, being in the state of non-judgement and unconditional love to all is the closest state one can go to experience divinity. However, we have to learn different aspects of ourselves before reaching and living in such a meaningful and beautiful state. Its a step by step process that evolves with our actions and take us to next level of spirituality and wisdom. So understanding all our life lessons without divulging into spiritual escapism becomes important.

10. What are Akashic Records? How can they help Soul Aligned Transformation?

Akashic records are soul level dimension of consciousness where all of our Souls' information is stored energetically like vibrations. They reside in spiritual realm. All of us get to do our "life review" after our end of life in earth plane with the help of Akashic guides and our spirit guides. In this review we understand how our soul works, what was its chosen path and purpose before incarnating and what happened in this particular lifetime. We get to learn our mistakes, different possibilities and probabilities of the same situations if we would have chosen different action. This is a very non-judgmental review and no one scolds us as such. It is our soul who wants to grow. Therefore it becomes a self study with help of guides and wise divine beings.

There are two parts of your Akashic Records. One part is fixed which has your soul's information and how your soul behaves at its core since its origination. It also has information about how your soul is evolving consciousness with its life experiences. Second part has your stories of all of your lifetimes. How you lived, What actions you took and what were consequences of your actions- everything is stored energetically.

The information is neutral and is not there to cater ego. This authentic knowledge about your Soul’s unique nature can help you achieve your true potential. There is also divine life force that help us to transform and heal. Records gives us guidance if we choose.

The reason you may feel stuck or feel drained energetically is may be due to your engagement in non-serving Karmic patterns in past lives or current life. The purpose of Akashic record reading is to understand these patterns and take actions towards desirable changes that are right for you.

With knowledge of your own Akashic records you can expediate the process of coming back in alignment. Understanding yourself at soul level is a significant gift that you can give to yourself. A non-judgmental, spiritual yet analytical way to look at your life is in itself transforming experience. All the knowledge that you can get from records can be put to practical use in your day to day life. The clearing work and action plan that we can derive from this knowledge can truly put us in path of understanding and working on our own divinity. A truly soul aligned transformation that is unique to us will help us manifest the life we deserve. Akashic record reading is the key to unlock our true soul aligned potential and resolve our unease to bring peace and harmony within us.

I am advanced and certified Akashic Record reader. I am significant experience working with clients. I also incorporate sound therapy and Reiki in my clearing block and restrictions work. In my Akashic Record readings, I guide my clients about their soul strengths and specializations. I tell them their soul chosen path before incarnation and their life lessons. We also discuss about blocks and restrictions in detail. I do clearing work for them and give them homework. Being a Physical therapist with masters in biomechanics and working with patients for more than 15 years has given me immense understanding of human struggles and their healing journey. Akashic records has given me understanding of their true potential.

Please do visit my website and start your soul aligned transformational journey now!

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