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Twin Flame Dynamic

When I work with my clients especially in Twin Flame relationships, I have noticed that there is one person giving and giving more and other person has immense ego issues to the point of narcissism.

The paradigm can shift as well. It is never about being in such toxic relationship though one can love other unconditionally. It is more about learning to get out of this codependency-narcissistic complex.

In a truly loving relationship , there is a mutual give and take , there is an understanding in how to resolve issues by correct communication channels. There is no fear of abandonment. Not because the other person can't abandon you but more because one is resilient to such challenges.

Once we start realizing our own inner strength and start being focused on making ourselves complete, we then start attracting correct and confident person in our life that is right for us and match same energy.

Do not settle for your Twin Flame (whoever you think that is) if it’s a toxic relationship as Twin flame is just a labeling.

It is more important to understand ourselves and our inner needs and desires and feelings of contentment.

Once we are in this state of positive empowered beings, we really don’t need anyone else. Then even if we get in a relationship , it is in one with mutual respect and harmony.

This is how Twin Flames find balance and that is what all the work is about.

If you are struggling with finding your true love match and if you are ready to work on yourself then please visit me @

Love and light


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