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What are Akashic Records?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Akashic record ( also called as Book of life) is soul level dimension of consciousness where all of our Souls' information is stored energetically like vibrations.

There are two parts of your Akashic Records. One part is fixed which has your soul's information and how your soul behaves at its core since its origination. It also has information about how your soul is evolving consciousness with its life experiences. Second part has your stories of all of your lifetimes. How you lived, What actions you took and what were consequences of your actions- everything is stored energetically.

The information is neutral and is not there to cater ego. This authentic knowledge about your Soul’s unique nature can help you achieve your true potential. There is also divine life force that help us to transform and heal. Records gives us guidance if we choose.

The reason you may feel stuck or feel drained energetically is may be due to your engagement in non-serving Karmic patterns in past lives or current life. The purpose of Akashic record reading is to understand these patterns and take actions towards desirable changes that are right for you.

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