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What is Soul Aligned Path?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Soul has its unique characteristics and specializations. With Soul aligned path, we try to get in congruence with our own strengths and specializations. e.g. if our strength is authentic communication, the more we stay with this strength in our day-to-day action the more correct experiences we will attract.

However, if we get in misalignment by talking inauthentically or by becoming a people pleaser or by manipulating others, even for short term gains, we will be misaligned by attracting wrong relationships and wrong people in our life.

Now, from lifetime to lifetime, we may engaged in ineffective and misaligned action patterns and we start feeling the unwanted consequences in small and big ways. When we are in misalignment, we face situations where we may feel mental, emotional and physical unease.

To address these misaligned Karmic patterns, we have to take new actions that are aligned.

Our misaligned patterns keep surfacing and resurfacing to give us opportunities to correct our thought process and motivates us to take correct actions. Once we start taking correct actions this extra burden of societal expectations and archetypal role expectations fade away and our authentic self comes forward.

Our soul have multiple facets and characteristics and once we start realigning to almost all of them, we feel good about ourselves and we start getting energetic surge. We take actions that uplift us and make us feel purposeful towards our goals. Most successful people ( financial, emotional, mental and physical success) are walking on their soul aligned path knowingly or unknowingly. Life is a playground for them. They thrive and feel connected to self and to humanity in certain way.

When we are Soul-aligned, We understand that we are unique and we also understand that everyone else is unique acting with their own soul strengths and their own life experiences. This knowledge gives us a non-judgmental perspective and we start looking at others with compassion and unconditional love.

Therefore when we are walking on our soul-aligned path, we will feel "free" to act through our strengths. we will also have ability to uplift ourselves and others towards a more loving and kind world.


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