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What is your Big Picture?

What is your Big Picture?

Choose your hobby, passion, life purpose, expertise and find out what you want to do about it. What growth factor you are craving for?

Maybe it is just relax and rest. Maybe it’s learning a new skill.

Maybe it is being financially Independent.

Maybe it’s a volunteer work.

Maybe it’s bringing peace in relationships.

Whatever it is.. it’s your Big Picture.

Write down what is your Big picture for this day/ month/ year/ life.

Whatever it is, give it a timeline to achieve it and work towards it.

Update it, review and revise it.

And if you already mastered it and if it has become part of your being then choose new one.

And if it doesn't give you joy then change it.

Try it and who knows, you may know a lot about yourself in the process!

Isn't that what life is all about.

Here is mine ( year 2023):

I don’t have to do something just because everybody else is. I am on my own journey towards my health and well-being.

My big picture is to look beautiful and wear beautiful clothes and be active.

I want to do things fast with an agile light body. May there be vigor and vitality flowing in me. I want to play, run, dance , do yoga (even difficult poses) with ease and to do all kinds of exercises such as HIIT workout, circuit training etc.

I want to be confident and the way I take care of my body makes me feel confident and energetic. And I love that. This is my time to shine!

What is yours? Write it down and work towards it! Unapologetically!

Lots of love and light!


Leverage Soul and Sound

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