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Why our Soul Chooses to experience Physical Pain!

In spirit realm there are few reasons why our soul chooses to experience physical pain when we are incarnated!

Here are some of those reasons

  1. We are working on our justified Karma / action-consequences scenario … from this and past lifetimes

  2. We want to learn humility and understand pain so that we learn not to hurt others

  3. We are learning to let go of shame and fear by learning to let go of desire to be perfect/ successful etc. . Pain teaches us acceptance

  4. We are learning life lessons through pain such as confidence, wisdom and learning of human biology so that in spirit realm we can teach other souls these life lessons

  5. We are learning about unconditional love towards ourselves and our discomforts

  6. We are getting ready to help others in this and/or next lifetime as doctors , healers, pharmacist, therapist etc by learning different skills that helped us to overcome pain

  7. We are inventors in spirit realm and we are looking for different strategies to help humanity overcome/ manage pain

  8. We get opportunity to learn our interconnection with others, with humanity and with spirituality

I am sure there are more reasons than just these… but so far I have got these! I feel at the end of it, it's always a learning experience and opportunity of growth without any judgement. Even if we didn't act the way our soul had thought we will act, that's OK! In Spiritual realm there is no judgement exist. And there is always a next lifetime!

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