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Soul-Secret for exponential growth in your business!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

I have heard this many times that most businesses fail in first five years after their birth. Have you wondered why? Now all of us have so many resources, much knowledge about sales and marketing, we all take very specific education as needed and we roll our sleeves and work hard! And still most of us lag behind. We try different strategies that are taught in renowned business schools or in books and videos. We follow those correct strategic patterns that have been applauded by others. Yet, only few businesses succeed. And for some of us, even if we do good, the success may come with some unexpected drag. How come for those special some, business becomes an easy, playful adventure and for others it becomes hard work and drag in spite of same amount of work and strategy.

Does those select some are extra special-extra smart, extra hardworking, extra something... You will learn soon that- that is not the case.

These people succeed for a very simple reason.

They are just like you and me actually ( at a soul level if I may say). Yet they differ at one root cause that is responsible for their success. And they may not even know this. But here it is: Their actions, their plans and their business entity itself are aligned exactly to their divinity. That's it.

You may feel this is getting into spirituality and that almost may feel has zero connection to business. Or you may think I am going to suggest some mantra chanting to attract wealth. Well I don't blame you if you would think that way as in our culture, spirituality is all about being in a peaceful meditative state. And yes, that may be one side of it. But I am going to talk here about a very practical , action oriented spirituality that is definitely not a spiritual escapism. Nether it has anything to do with any religion. This spirituality can be used as a powerful and most desirable and available tool for your own growth in any part of your life including business. And you will be happily surprised that this tool is very down to earth yet its most effective.

Do you know your business is in itself an energetic entity. It needs correct energetic nourishment given by it's owner. And for that the owner has to be in alignment with the business correctly. When that happens the business becomes fun. It becomes a playground.

So answer to know how to help your business grow exponentially comes from your own Akashic Records. If you know exactly what your Soul likes and wants. And you take those perfectly aligned actions, well, your business is going to shift dramatically in a very positive direction.

You will feel like twenty four hours is a too short of a time that a day can offer to work as you will get this immense energetic surge. Not only that, you will attract correct opportunities and correct people who will help you to succeed and believe me it will be a win and win situation. As in some way you will help them too. And whatever doesn't work is going to fall apart. Its like taking out things that are not in alignment with us. With that, all the unnerving drama and judgement will be gone too.

So what is the first step?

Its understanding your self at soul level through Akashic record reading. Once you know how your soul works then you will understand the business dream you are chasing is correct for you or not. Getting into a correct business that is not dictated by some other factors other than your own soul strengths will lead to a rewarding business venture.

This is where a very practical , action-based spiritual path comes in play. This is where getting an Akashic Record reading to understand your soul strengths will help immensely. One can really Leverage their own soul strength for their highest wellbeing.

You will completely enjoying your own divinity. You will feel and act with purpose and vibrancy that is unmatched. There will be no worry in your mind about what will happen to your business. As things will come easy to you and as long as you take steps especially through those first few times when you are shifting vibrationally and don't give up- you will feel strong and adventures. You will be playing in this field to have fun and still get so much more in return. And all of this is a possible when you are following an exact strategy designed by your soul using your own free will. Its not that you won't face problems. They will be better problems. And you would love to solve them with enthusiasm.

In our work, business or career/job whatever we choose, we have the most ability to live our divinity. As we are engaged most of our waking hours doing that work. So now imagine, how one must feel like if they know what makes their soul happy and taking actions towards their soul purpose!

I invite you to "Leverage Soul" to know yourself at soul level first and find out if your business or career path is aligned with your soul or not. With an Akashic Record reading you will understand all your soul specializations and even the goal/learning lesson that your soul has decided to work on in this current lifetime.

And then, after that, I would love to do energetic analysis of your business entity if you wish and give you action plan by giving you your soul aligned strategic action plan. We can also together work on all the blocks and restrictions you are facing in detail in your Soul-realignment session . So do connect with me now and I would love to help you grow your business exponentially with a soul aligned path!

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Love & light


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