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b. Testimonials for Akashic Records

Find out what people are Saying about Akashic record / Soul Realignement

I highly recommend Prajakta Joshi for her Akashic records and Soul Realignment work. She is truly an amazing person and great with her work. A truly gifted and talented lady, I loved my reading and felt completely comfortable and got the answers for the questions I wanted answered. At first, I had no idea of what Akashic Records is all about. After reading a little bit about it on google- I felt the urge to know what my Akashic record has to say about myself. The knowledge she shared with me has had the benefit of initiating profound changes in my structure, core, and the essence of who I am. I have learned and trusted in the truth that has come from the Records. I had an hour’s general reading. I was nervous before the call, but the minute Joshi said hello I relaxed. I knew the answers were coming from a higher source as there were so many things that were said that Prajakta couldn’t possibly have known, and everything was spot on. Great energy, great guidance and a lovely humor that suited me down to the ground, it was as if she had known me for years and we were the greatest of friends. -Monika F

I would highly recommend Prajakta's Soul Realignment and Akashic Record session to anyone who is looking for more insight into their own life. By identifying my soul's strengths and weaknesses, I have more control over my happiness as I can now consciously focus on what my Soul needs and slowly move away from what might be hurting my inner peacefulness. During the session, Prajakta made sure to explain each aspect of the Akashic records thoroughly in a well structured manner so that it was easy to understand. The session is truly authentic and gives you the most honest judgement of yourself. It is easier to understand your morals and beliefs, but it is very difficult to find the exact "why" behind them. This session revealed to me exactly why I made the decisions I did, whether they were good or bad. Now that I am aware of what my Soul attracts vs. repels, I can make better choices- ones that will help me grow into the best version of myself. If you are feeling lost or unsure of what is bothering you lately, I would highly recommend you to take Prajakta's session. It might make all the difference. -Shreya C

My soul realignment session with Prajakta was amazing! A lot of things make sense now and I have the clarity to make better decisions for my future. There have always been blocks and restrictions from my past and now after the session I am able to understand how they were still in play. This session helped me to understand how I can consciously make an effort to change recurring patterns and make a difference in my life. Super grateful for this session and highly recommend it!! -Chandini R

Soul Realignment Akashic record reading helped me to move forward in life, breaking the barriers of my past which were holding me back. Thank you Ms. Prajakta! I am truly grateful for this service. It has given me clarity in my life and much needed guiding points for personal improvement. It was honestly quite refreshing being able to speak to Ms. Prajakta! She takes time to understand all the questions and our situation and guide us to what action needs to be taken. I recommend that you all look into Akashic records with Ms. Prajakta - Riti S.

Prajakta’s Soul Realignment Akashic record reading gave me guidance towards what actions I can take. Prajakta also went over blocks in my karmic path and the reason behind those blockages. We come to an understanding of how some changes in my nature will help to remove those blockages and make me ( and my soul ) happy! This session makes me feel positive in every way. Thank you Prajakta for your guidance! - Madhuri J

The soul realignment session with Prajakta was interesting, something that I never did before. It told me truly who I am at soul level and what are the roadblocks that are stopping my progress. It also gave me actions to work on to remove these blocks over the time. Thanks to Prajakta for introducing me to akashic records and to soul realignment! - Aparna B

I feel so comfortable to share things with Prajakta . It gives me positive energy and guidance to work further. It was totally surprising for me that all the things she studied related to me were 100% true. This shows her depth of knowledge and involvement in her profession. Thanks a lot Prajakta for such a wonderful session! - Kavita P

Prajakta is thorough professional and has a knack of connecting the mind. Her analysis and Counseling (Career Alignment) helped me to look at multiple facets. Personally I will consider my strengths going forward to make solid decisions to stand by and keep moving. - Sumukh B

I highly recommend Prajakta for her capability to do Akashic records and Soul Realignment very efficiently!!!Akashic records and soul realignment gives you a perspective for why whatever happens in your life is the way it is. It shines light on the limiting beliefs of yourself or other people that you have let affect you or things that might have caused your soul to suffer. Prajakta is excellent in how she details out the connections from the past and gives a solution which if carried out, can bring the joy and full potential of the soul. This is very important for everyone so they can live life to the fullest. - Sushma S

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