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c. What can you experience when you are in alignment with your Soul's true nature?

When we are in a state of our authentic expression- magic happens! Here are some things you can experience when you are in alignement with your Soul's true nature!

-Clarity about your purpose - at present and overall

-Sense of being happy, excited and confident with your actions 

-Content and peaceful with who you are

-Thriving in and attracting drama-free and authentic relationships  

-Unconditional love and respect towards self and others

-Judgement free lifestyle

-Work-life balance with enjoying what you do in both areas

-Manifesting effortlessly with joy and passion 

-Evolved understanding of action and consequences 

-Empowerment to take actions for your own highest well-being

At Leverage Soul and Sound, I relay your record information to bring clarity and authentic introspection. In these Akashic Records readings, my purpose is to help you Re-align with your divine Soul Blueprint by:

Bringing awareness about how your Soul functions at its very core.

Equip you with action plan to bring yourself in alignment with your Soul.

Leverage your Soul’s blueprint to manifest correct relationships, opportunities and financial abundance.

Give information about Karmic blocks and restrictions which you can remove from your future karmic patterns.

Increase your Understanding about living in non-judgmental way by connecting you to your divine source energy


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